Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cavewoman grunts + I made a graph for Santa

I am easily back into the groove of things after last Thursday's race.  I ran 5 on Friday, 5 on Sunday, and 7 today.  Friday and Sunday were treadmill days and I ran an easy pace just to make sure I stay injury-free.  Today, I dialed up the speed at the Greenway and felt happy to get my blood pumping.
The plan was to meet up with FT at the Greenway if it wasn't raining.  Unfortunately for FT, it was raining when he was ready to get his show on the road, so I ended up going solo.  And boy, was it solo.  On the way to the Greenway, it started pouring rain.  I had a rain jacket with me, but I waivered a bit as I drove.  I almost went to start my other errands, but decided to stay the course.  It ended up being a smart decision as it only truly sprinkled heavily for about 15 minutes of my hour-ish long run.  Not enough to soak me to the bone, but my shoes were soggy.
I saw exactly 5 other people during my run.  On a regular day, I usually see about 25.  On a beautiful weekend day, I usually spend my time dodging strollers, bikers, and (hopefully) other runners.  Today was definitely one of those days that I wanted to beat my chest cavewoman style and yell, "I AM RUNNER. I AM BADA$$. I RUN IN COLD(ISH) RAIN."  And frankly, I probably could have with no social consequences given that it was me and the squirrels today.
I dropped a Christmas tree on my foot on Saturday that weighed about 75-100 lbs.  Work hazard.  I thought I broke it when it initially happened, but after a few minutes of internalizing the pain, I realized I would just have a big, nasty bruise.  Of course, my biggest fear was that I wasn't going to be able to run well with a bruised foot.  Apparently, the fear of getting stuck in the rain far outweighed any lingering soreness on my foot.  Today's splits: 8:02, 7:56, 7:42, 7:37, 7:46, 7:31, 7:24. 
I've been busy working on my Christmas wish list.  I've finally reached a point financially in my life (for now anyway) that I don't really need anything.  Cool.  Except that it creates a new first world problem dilemma of trying to come up with new ideas for my family that are interesting and within a reasonable price range.  I'd rather just give the money to charity or spend it on a family experience, but my family is not really into all that.  So unless I want to get ugly Christmas sweaters, I must send out my suggestions.  All this got me thinking about how there I things that I really would use versus things that are just silly.  Geeky me loves a good visual representation in the form of a graph, so I decided to share this:

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