Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: The Quadracool Version


Earn bacon....
Because everyone else is stuck in the snowpocalyse

Host bachelorette party for my sister in the Great Smoky Mountains

Attend bridal shower for my sister...
Run the Shamrock 8K (39:28)
Pace Lisa to a BQ in the Shamrock Marathon the next day (3:52:05)
Loopfest #1, complete
Run the Georgia Marathon the following weekend (3:45:33)
Become Marathon Maniac #8965


Opening day traditions
Attend wedding #1 (my sister's)
Run 32K for my 32nd birthday


Run a 10K and walk a 5K with Adam as part of the 4-way Skyline Chili Challenge (47:57 and 58:47)
Pace Kristin with JJ to an almost sub-4 marathon the next day at the Flying Pig Marathon (4:00:41)
Loopfest #2, check


Enjoy the fun new water toy


Decide to run an impromptu half-marathon on Fourth of July at We The Runners 13.1
Earn a shiny new PR (1:39:31) and an AG award


Fly to Portland for the Hood To Coast Relay and meet new Loopsters

Run ~18 miles while staying awake 33 hours in a van full of internet strangers
Loopfest #3, check
Head to Jackson Hole
Spend a few days wondering why I don't live out west
Stagger through a heinously hard Jackson Hole Marathon at 6400' (3:53:32)


Wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and YAY!

Host an engagement party for my brother


Attend wedding #2

And wedding #3


PR, BQ at Marshall University Marathon (3:31:35)
Loopfest #4, check


Go funning with my RB at the Rehoboth Beach Marathon (3:42:31)
Loopfest #5, check!

Christmas Eve traditions with the best of friends

Goals for 2015:

Kick more ass
Run Boston
Finish an ultra
Volunteer at a race
Take a non-racing vacation

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Wheeeeeeeeeee mode

I rested 12 days. It was actually mostly okay. I did yearn for running, but I wasn't consumed by the idea. Mostly because I knew that I would inevitably return and that a little break can help put things in perspective.

Like how good it feels to push off the ground on your toes and fly through the woods with a little drizzly rain. I felt like a caged beast.
I had actual intentions of running at a more leisurely pace. Promise. Heck, I even contemplated leaving Penelope at home. But I couldn't help but feel an infinite amount of freedom and joy in the first half mile. And then it felt so darn good to be sweating that I went into full on wheeeeeee mode. The Achilles seemed to be less noticeable the faster I ran.

Pretty sure that all the other runners going by in the opposite direction thought that I was certifiably insane with the giant grin on my face zooming along in the chilly rain.

The non-plan plan is to continue doing 3-5 mile runs unless I hear more loud chirping. If it becomes worse, I rest more. If I continue to feel better, I ramp up the mileage. Boston training is supposed to start the first week of January, but since I A) don't have a training plan laid out and B) have a misbehaving body part, I am not feeling worried if the calendar gets pushed back a bit.

If you are FB friends with me (and if you're not, why aren't we pals yet?), you know that I have been filling in all this luxurious extra time with all sorts of ridiculous stuff.

Hanukkah celebrating:
 Christmas Decorating:
 Christmas movies:
C'mon, it's Love Actually people. I also watched Elf and Christmas Vacation--two of my other favs.

I spent like, 8 hours baking last Wednesday. I had a small hiccup amid the extravaganza when I was faced with a power outage for an hour. They were replacing transformers in my neighborhood. I used the time to make a batch of chocolate peppermint truffles that needed only the gas burner.

Despite my sofa surfing, I was still eating like I was running 20 milers every week. One must try all the batters and finished products of baking, obviously. Oh, and fried bacon cheeseburger anyone?
Yes, it was as good as it sounds. Unless you are veggie and then you'll just have to think of something as amazingly comparable as bacon. Good luck with that....

I went to hit golf balls with Adam and friends at Top Golf. Golf is still stupid, but drinking beer and hanging out with friends is still fun.
And oh yeah, here are some more pictures of the BTs that you never ask for, but that I lovingly provide:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

QC is keeping the bench warm

Well, well, well. Guess who has gone and earned herself a rest break?

Apparently, maybe, I have bursitis. I went to the GP today after a week+ of pain. She asked me a myriad of questions about the pain (burning sensation, worse in the morning), location (right behind my Achilles), last marathon terrain (mix of hard-packed gravel and pavement), training beforehand (um, I ran another marathon 5 weeks prior), and what I had taken for the pain (a painkiller every few days, but mostly beer and wine). I had taped it all week, but it really didn't seem to do much of anything:

The good news is that bursitis is not life-altering and I will run again in the near future. The bad news is that I have no idea how long it will take to be pain-free. Might be this weekend. Might be in a few weeks. I'm okay to chill out for a bit longer. I think.

I was prescribed some high-dose Aleve and told to reduce running as much as possible. Fortunately, the GP had a marathoning father and knew firsthand that it's really hard to tell a runner no. If things aren't better in 2 weeks, I am to report back for further poking and prodding.

I ran 3 miles last Tuesday and while I didn't have to alter my gait, I felt my Achilles the entire time. So now it's just time to enjoy a little down time and appreciate the other stuff in life.

I've been doing a little food/drink self-medicating. Sofa surfing does have its merits.

But I've also been able to spend a little more time in kitchen since reclaiming a few extra hours each week:

I've been getting ready for Christmas. Shopping, wrapping, and decorating:

And I've been celebrating birthdays. Adam's was yesterday:
My friend Angela's was today. I left a gift bag with a bunch of balloons tied to it on her driveway today.
I've been receiving gifts as well! Steve sent me this customized hoodie:

Can't wait to wear it to my next Loopfest! But for now, I'll be sofa surfing: