Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: The Quadracool Version


Earn bacon....
Because everyone else is stuck in the snowpocalyse

Host bachelorette party for my sister in the Great Smoky Mountains

Attend bridal shower for my sister...
Run the Shamrock 8K (39:28)
Pace Lisa to a BQ in the Shamrock Marathon the next day (3:52:05)
Loopfest #1, complete
Run the Georgia Marathon the following weekend (3:45:33)
Become Marathon Maniac #8965


Opening day traditions
Attend wedding #1 (my sister's)
Run 32K for my 32nd birthday


Run a 10K and walk a 5K with Adam as part of the 4-way Skyline Chili Challenge (47:57 and 58:47)
Pace Kristin with JJ to an almost sub-4 marathon the next day at the Flying Pig Marathon (4:00:41)
Loopfest #2, check


Enjoy the fun new water toy


Decide to run an impromptu half-marathon on Fourth of July at We The Runners 13.1
Earn a shiny new PR (1:39:31) and an AG award


Fly to Portland for the Hood To Coast Relay and meet new Loopsters

Run ~18 miles while staying awake 33 hours in a van full of internet strangers
Loopfest #3, check
Head to Jackson Hole
Spend a few days wondering why I don't live out west
Stagger through a heinously hard Jackson Hole Marathon at 6400' (3:53:32)


Wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and YAY!

Host an engagement party for my brother


Attend wedding #2

And wedding #3


PR, BQ at Marshall University Marathon (3:31:35)
Loopfest #4, check


Go funning with my RB at the Rehoboth Beach Marathon (3:42:31)
Loopfest #5, check!

Christmas Eve traditions with the best of friends

Goals for 2015:

Kick more ass
Run Boston
Finish an ultra
Volunteer at a race
Take a non-racing vacation

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