Sunday, February 24, 2013

<--This lush had a weekend off (pics)

Thursday, I skipped out of work 30 minutes early to get a run in before sunset.  I don't punch a clock, but in the retail world, it is kind of important to make sure that there is always adequate coverage at any given time.  I felt a smidge guilty, but remembered that I had been there way early 2 days so it wasn't like I was cheating my time.

I did a Clark Kent/Superman change in the far end of the parking lot and headed out.  My left shin was still sore (still is) and my right calf was tight from over-compensating.  It was a weird run.  I lost an earbud (later found in my car), I had GI issues (helloooo, Porty-Potty!), and it was getting darker and darker as I ran.  But I had some decent splits and I was pacing about 6:00 min/mile on my final .2.  8:04, 8:06, 7:42, 7:42, 8:05, 8:10.

Friday, I was supposed to run 6, but I felt like c-r-a-p when I woke up.  I put my gear on and plodded out 3 miles on the treadmill.  I wore my compression socks which I cannot decide are a good idea or not while running.  It was the kind of run that never got near any sort of happy place.
Saturday morning, Adam and I began our fun weekend off together.  We got donuts at my favorite donut shop, Dutch Monkey Donuts.  I had a caramel apple fritter and a dutch monkey--filled with dulce de leche custard, topped with bananas and chocolate ganache.

We headed to the mountains about an hour away for a wine cave tour and tasting.  It was foggy and cool, but we were comfortable trekking around the property in our coats.

Inside the cave, we tried 3 different varietals that were not yet for sale to the public. A cabernet franc, a red blend, and a sweet white dessert wine. 

Then we drove 10 miles to their tasting room/shop where we sampled 7 more varieties.  We ended up really like a number of them and came home with 3 reds, a white, and a wine club 'membership'.  The membership really just is a promise that we will buy from them again in the fall and the spring......oh...if I have to ;)

I was feeling like the wino I am so we stopped at a shop next door that you can paint wooden toys.  I decided an hour of painting sounded like a fantastic idea after all that morning drinking.  I chose a gator puzzle and painted it orange and blue.  Adam supervised.  The lady that owned the shop (her husband made all the wooden toys) was truly a crazy cat lady.  She had 16 of them and proceeded to tell us about each one.... Good thing I drank all that wine.

After my BAC was back to zero, we headed back towards our neck of the woods and stopped at our favorite BBQ restaurant for a very late lunch.  I proceeded to come home and take a fantastic nap in my chair.  The perfect end to a perfect day? Watching silly movies late into the night with Adam.
I decided to try the running thing again this morning--this marathon business is in 3 weeks! 

Fortunately, it went better.  It was shorts and t-shirts kind of running and I felt pretty good save for the nagging pain in my left shin.  I had 7 on the schedule, but decided to do 8 as I was feeling better.  After looking over my splits, I realize that my easy run was actually a full tempo run.  Oops.  8:01, 7:56, 7:44, 7:47, 7:55, 7:49, 7:44, 7:29.

I got cleaned up and some friends came over to our house.  The group of us decided to go bowling.  I am usually pretty terrible at bowling (my average score is about a 50), but I did okay today.  I scored a 114 and a 117.  Adam kicked all of our patooties.  He bought a bowling ball, a bag, and shoes today as part of a package and apparently was inspired with his new gear.  I can relate....

The 3 extra pins I knocked down in the second game are attributed to the half pitcher of Bud Light that was in my system at that point.  Adam didn't drink, but Jeff and I did!

The day wasn't over yet though.  2 of our 3 dogs are adopted so we don't know when their official birthdays are. Therefore, they all get treats on Luxy's birthday--the one date we actually know.  She turned 11 day and enjoyed her ritualistic hamburger from McDonald's. 

Lastly, I am plugging my own article on about charity racing here.  You should read it if you are curious about the world of charity racing.  There are a lot of ways to give back with your running and who knows, you might be inspired!

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