Sunday, January 18, 2015

Streaky, Streaky, Streaky

It was a busy week and not only have I neglected keeping up with bloops, I have 10 days of photos to dump too.

I'm on a #runstreak right now. It started after being frightened off the injury train by using the elliptical on New Year's Eve. I'm on day 18. It's been manageable, but I might call it quits after this week. I want my long runs and speed work to be tough, but not ugly. I got a FitBit for Christmas and it has been an eye opener in how many steps/miles I walk at work every day.
 Like dude... I guess I feel a little better about my 30ish mile running weeks now...

Last Sunday, I finally started to feel in the training groove with a 12 miler that went rather well.
I spent the rest of the day hanging out downtown with friends. We had snacks at a pub:
And took a ride on SkyView Atlanta. It's a smaller ripoff of the London Eye.

Monday, I was back on the treadmill--a trend that would continue all week because I kept running after work.
I was trying to keep up with my January dinner calendar and managed to make a few things like shrimp and grits (Monday):

And sour cream chicken enchiladas (Friday):
My legs were feeling itchy on Tuesday and I tried to do a little speed work. It was kind of bad. I started to try to do a 400 at a 6:00 minute pace and ended up doing 4 at 6:40. I blamed it on the runstreak and trying to do it after a long day at work.
Wednesday, I decided to spice it up with some hills. -3% for a half mile and then +3% for a half mile. It was just another 3 miler, but I felt better about it. Drake helped...
Thursday and Friday, well, I was just hanging on. It was a looooooong week at work and I was just doing 3 milers like a little robot when I got home. I couldn't wait to join these jokers every night:
I was eagerly anticipating my long run on Saturday. January in Georgia is one of the loveliest times to run--the weather is crisp and it is a complete 180 from the soul-sucking devil of August. Plus, I was lucky enough to score a sunny and chilly morning--my favorite! I fueled up properly with peanut butter and honey toast:
And gleefully bopped along the Greenway:
I thought about Dave as I enjoyed my Root Beer Gu at the turnaround:
And appreciated the extra cushion my new Hokas were providing my tired feet:
It was a lovely, lovely run:
I had been dreaming about smoked wings and a double IPA from my local barbecue place, but I settled for a post-run smoothie instead:
Fortunately, I got my wish a little later on:
This morning was nothing exciting. Just 3 miles on tired legs around the hilly neighborhood. I am trying to make sure I do some of my training off the Greenway to get ready for the hills of Boston. But I feel good knowing that I've tackled the Georgia marathon (5 times!):
And the Flying Pig:

Boston might be less cruel? I dunno...I'll report back in April.

I've been toying with the idea of running a trail marathon at the end of February. I mean, I'm scheduled to run 22 that weekend anyway and what's another 4.2 miles? Runner logic.... Besides, I PR'd last time I ran a marathon 8 weeks prior to another one. Again, runner logic.... And it's only $50 and 45 minutes from my house...

And I'm still debating the double 12 days post-Boston (Mitten Challenge). Might be really, really terrible. But it also might be really, really great. And if last year proved anything, I don't want to wonder what if in the instances of pushing myself to the limits. If I fail, I fail.

Lastly, I leave you with a little sumpin', sumpin' that talked to my heart.
Because I hope that somewhere out there, someone decides to go the extra mile, do the extra rep, dig a little deeper... The Loop has inspired me to do things I never thought were in my capabilities and I hope to pass it on.

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