Sunday, March 29, 2015

March photo dump

I don't want to jinx it yet with 2 days left in the month, but I think I might topple 200 miles this month. A pretty big deal to me considering that my highest monthly total last year was 142. I peeked back at my logs since keeping track in 2010 (those first 15ish years of running are just a big fat unknown) and hung out in the lower 100s pretty consistently on a monthly basis for quite some time.

Hence part of the reason I've been out of the Loop for a few weeks now. Run, eat, work, repeat. And squeezing in a teeny bit of time for freelance writing, party throwing, and other shenanigans.

So instead of a lengthy, wordy catch-up, I'm just going to do a captioned photo dump of some stuff from the past couple of weeks. Mmmkay?

I've got some runfies (ya know, running selfies...)

Pictures of running shoes:

Pictures of used running calories:
Pictures of speed work:
Pictures of a long run:

Pictures of healthy food:
Pictures of unhealthy food:

Pictures of party food:

Pictures of my dogs:
Pictures of me + a dog:
Pictures of my dogs helping me foam roll:
Pictures of why I'm loving this monster March:
I'm not sure what #17024 will do in Beantown, but it sure has been fun getting ready. I have loved (nearly) every second of tackling this new challenge. If I PR, yay! But I'm just humbled and thrilled to be a part of the 119th Boston Marathon. It still seems like I accidentally got caught up in someone else's fairy tale.

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