Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An 11th hour Veterans Day Bloop

I'll keep this as short n' sweet as possible. After all, I did blog yesterday. Back-to-back blogs haven't happened since probably 2012. But cut me some slack, I did just finish up a 7 day stretch of running in my peak week of marathon training.

I took my Veterans Day run to the treadmill today. After logging 15,000+ steps at work today and on my 7th day of running, I was kind of expecting this 7 mile recovery run to be tough. But it actually wasn't too bad. In fact, I still had enough gusto to actually complete my 6 striders at the end of the run.

I donned some red n' blue to get in the spirit:
And grabbed my favorite picture of one of my favorite veterans to accompany me on the run (grandpa is in the middle):
I had a couple of other Loopster veterans join me, but they were watching from the wall (Colonel Cupcake, VBlevins, BBlevins....):
I was trying to find an Air Force movie to watch, but after spending 10 minutes scrolling through Netflix, I finally happened upon at running movie that I hadn't heard of. So 4 Mile it was:
After crank out just over 5.5 miles, I started doing my striders and finished up 11.11 kilometers:
I still needed to do a bit of a cool down so I kept going until I reach 1111 calories burned:
After I was done, I realized that my treadmill run was exactly the pictorial collage of an outdoor run. So I looked around for a bit of Veterans Day inspiration and saw my keyboard was kind of a perfect starting place:
Of the 4 books I play from with irregularity, Patriotic Songs for Piano is one of them. I decided it would be appropriate to play our national anthem post-run. I should have thought of it before, but hey, I had to warm up my brain I guess:
I did scan the room for other signs of Veterans Day signs, but all I could come up with was a patriotic medal:
And a really great race that happens to take place in November. The year I went, the Colonel and my local RB happen to run 13.1 miles together. Kind of perfect I think.
That's all I've got. Thank you for your service Veterans!

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