Saturday, April 20, 2013

I have a crush

I just wrote a long post about how much I love the Loop and Loopsters and Loopville.  And then, like I was channeling Pluck in some alter universe, I deleted the entire post.

There was a lot of ramblings about how I'm an average runner, an average girl, but somehow I feel superhuman because I'm part of this awesome community.  The past week has shown some of the biggest hearts in the world live in Loopville and I continue to be inspired and humbled by all the awesome.

I like to channel Loopsters when I run.  There are certain 'characters' that pop into my mind when I'm on the treadmill, on a hill, doing speedwork, exhausted, elated, enraged, delighted, pushing my body to the limits, skipping along the path, jamming out to my tunes, watching the wildlife through the trees, giving aggressive the bird, waving to the nice drivers, blowing snot rockets, fighting the wind, dodging raindrops, sprinting for a , checking my stride, chicking dudes, wrestling with my Garmin, and enjoying a run.

Thanks for making me run faster, further, and with more smiles than I ever thought possible.

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