Monday, July 15, 2013

As promised, back to the good life

After spilling my guts in my last post, I promised I'd get back to the food and fun with my next post.  No shortage of that last week!

But first, the running:

Monday: 8 miles after work.  My tummy was angry due to the heat and effort, but I chose to come home and gorge on pizza afterwards.  Ouch. So, so dumb...

Wednesday: 8 more miles after work. It was humid and uneventful.

Saturday: 6 miles before work.  I did a pyramid run with speedier miles in the middle with an easy warm-up and cool down.

I was planning to run yesterday before work, but a few things crept up and I just decided to bag my run in lieu of going on today.  I had sharp back/shoulder pain that woke me up in the middle of the night, my dog had to go back to the vet due to an abscessed anal gland (gross!) Sunday morning, I had to work, and then I had a housewarming to go to.  So whatever...I just decided to run today.  I'd best rested, less sore, and less crunched for time.

I did 14 miles in 1:55 which worked out to an 8:12ish pace.  My Garmin decided to go all cray cray in the last couple of miles, but at least I can trust the time and my own knowledge of the mile markers on the trail.  It was super humid and I even saw steam coming up off the creek at one point.  It wasn't a terrible run, but it wasn't great either.  I'm pretty okay with that considering it's July 15th and I started around 10:30am.  Definitely getting myself ready for the joy of fall running.

Speaking of joys, here is what happened last week when I wasn't running.  Most of my FB friends have seen the pics already, sorry!

I decided to redo a kitchen chair:


I enjoyed my flowering garden, from hydrangeas:


To lantana:


To the apple tree that finally has apples on it this year:


I drank beer on date night (big surprise...):


And learned to plank while drinking wine:


Pop-up thunder showers in the evening make for beautiful sunsets:


And of course, I had to do a little drool-worthy baking.  I made chocolate cupcakes and frosted half with Nutella frosting and half with peanut butter frosting.  Have you ever had a food-gasm?


My little pookies get all hot and bothered at the vet while they have to wait.  Torrance:


And little Miss Luxy:


They were so exhausted when they got home from panting for an hour that they snuggled up and napped on the sofa together all afternoon:


See? I have plenty of things to be a happy girl about!!

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