Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 8: At least I follow the rules when I bake

After my Pikermi last weekend, I was experiencing some major DOMS in my legs and I had a huge blood blister on my right foot. Apparently running like a fool through the finishing chute because some girl is just as competitive as you is likely not good for your legs (and 13.1 hilly miles probably aren't either). I'm the goober on the right.

This was not really how I pictured myself after a half, but I know I didn't really leave much on the table on race day.  I knew that my runs this past week needed to be easy so that I wouldn't injure myself with sloppy form on stiff legs.  I ran on the treadmill a lot because A) it forces me to slow down since I apparently have no willpower on my own and B) it unfortunately is the safer option much of the time.

Because I worked all weekend, I ended up moving my long run to today and switching my easy Tuesday run to Saturday.  Here's what happened:

Tuesday: Plan was 3 easy @9:16, Actual was 3.5 easy @8:34
Wednesday: Plan was 7 tempo with 5 @7:55, Actual was 1 mile warm up, 3 @7:53, 1 @7:47, 1 @7:41, and 1 mile cool down
Friday: Plan was 2 easy @9:16, Actual was 2 easy @9:14
Saturday: Plan was 5 easy @9:14, Actual was 5 easy @8:47
Today (Monday): Plan was 20 easy @9:16, Actual was 20.6 @8:12

The easy runs were all uneventful.  The tempo was hard to start on sore legs, but I actually felt really good once I got into it.  And while I could have pushed a little harder (and likely would have outside), I knew that it was okay to not completely annihilate every single run.  Which is likely why running hard seemed to catch up with me today.

Miles 1-5 were decent.  Highlights: I spilled half my Gatorade over my shorts because I didn't tighten the screw cap, I went pee at mile 3.5, I cursed myself for sleeping in because it was getting warmer, I was happy I wasn't having issues with my music, planned on getting to 20.5 miles because of my pit stop, and I kept having to reel back my speed as it dropped below 8:00. Splits: 8:23, 8:18, 8:02, 8:02, 8:06

Miles 5-9.85 were not great. I was starting to experience the long run blues already and I wasn't even halfway done.  My legs felt the initial stages of cramping and I immediately started to worry if I was going to be able to complete this run.  Lots and lots of self doubt.  Couldn't decide if I was annoyed or okay with not getting a rest break at the single traffic light along the route. Garmin totally crapped out at 9.85 miles.  I downloaded MapMyRun (guess I never added it to this phone) and felt slightly better after my forced 90 second stop. Splits: 8:13, 8:17, 8:11, 8:16, 6:48 for .85 miles (8:01 pace)

Miles 9.85-14.85 were awful. I tried the salted caramel Gu for the first time and while it wasn't bad, it definitely was not the delicious flavor I was anticipating. I had contemplated leaving my fuel belt behind for the second half, but thankfully I took it as I finished all the liquid by mile 13.  Without my Garmin, I had no idea what pace I was running until I had completed a mile.  Because I was feeling a lot of leg fatigue, I was trying to shorten my stride to lessen the impact, but I had no idea what this was doing to my pace. Splits: 8:06, 7:50, 8:22, 8:22, 7:50

Miles 14.85-20.6 were Jekyll and Hyde.  I'd feel great for a bit and then awful. I'd feel BA for running 20 miles and then like a complete fool for doing the zombie march on sore legs.  I started to count off the half miles and using all the tricks in my bag to make sure I completed the run.  I got lucky that there was a lot of cloud cover in the final quarter so it wasn't so hot.  Still, I was cursing myself for sleeping in (could have been running in the upper 50s and not the 70s). When I got the final mile, all I could think about was how good the ice bath was going to feel.  But I toughed it out all the way to my 'official' ending point. Splits: 8:16, 8:05, 7:55, 8:20, 7:57, last .8 in 6:46 (8:03 pace)

The thing is, in looking back at these splits, I know I should have been running slower today. As race day begins to creep up, I am really going to have to get serious about not racing all my long runs.  And while I want to prove to myself that I'm capable of running a BQ pace week after week, it is just not smart. Plus, it has been a long time since my legs cramped up like they did after today's run.  I feel like I'm making some rookie mistakes and I know better.  Easier said than done least if I bloop about it, there is some sort of accountability.

Anyway, enough self-smack-talk....

Let's see what's been going on in my kitchen.

We went to the apple orchard last Sunday:

And Adam and I came home with a 1/2 bushel (4 dry gallons) of apples:

I bought some apple cider donuts out of hunger love for their baked goods:

But I wanted to make some of my own baked goods as well.  I thought about apple butter, but I've made it before and always end up going back to peanut butter as my preferred morning spread.  So, I opted to go the pie route.

First, I peeled and cored the apples:

BTW, if you don't have an apple peeler/corer and either bake with apples or like to eat your apples sans peels, I highly recommend putting this on your Christmas list.

Then I made enough pie crust for 3 pies:

Always from scratch for obvious reasons. Always by hand to keep the dough flaky and light. Always with butter because it tastes the best.

Then I spiced the apples with Saigon cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and a little bit of cloves:

1 full pie and 18 hand pies later, I was enjoying a kitchen that smelled amazing:

Nothing better than snuggling on the sofa with homemade apple pie. The furkids agree:


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