Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The road to becoming a manaic

Last year, I got this crazy idea after I ran a 3:43:18 marathon in March that I might be able to qualify for Boston (run a sub-3:35). So I embarked on the dream, trained like a happy crazy person, and somehow managed to pull out a BQ with a crashed Garmin:
Some people want to keep plugging away at their PR right away. I was more content knowing that I achieved my goal and was ready to tackle something different. Plus, I don't have to worry about Boston 2016 until Boston 2015 in my mind. And truth be told, while I love the idea of going back time and time again, I'm pretty stoked that I qualified once.

Anyway, I was already signed up for the Georgia marathon on March 23rd.  I started looking into the lowest level criteria for:
And saw that this would get me to qualify:
If you are curious, please see that I am at the bare minimum level of insanity.

I decided that I really wanted to attend another Loopfest so I penciled The Flying Pig in Cincinnati on my calendar for May 3rd.  Now I just needed to find a marathon to run in between....

I had seen runners rave about the Shamrock marathon in Virginia Beach for years. And there were a lot of Loop favorites attending. But it was on March 16th--a week before a race I was already signed up for.

Could I really drive to Virginia Beach one weekend, run a marathon, and then run another one the following weekend in Atlanta? Who knows until you try??!

And since I am heading down the path of crazy, I decided to just go for all the bling. I am participating in the Whale Challenge this weekend (an 8K Saturday and marathon Sunday) so I can get one of these sweet medals:
Oh yeah, I'll be wearing this tutu until it drives me crazy for 26.2 miles:
Then I'll be racing another 26.2 next weekend for one of these:

Then I take a 6 week hiatus until I do the 4-way challenge at The Flying Pig in Cincinnati. A 5K and 10K on Saturday and a marathon on Sunday.
Don't worry, I'll take a little break from marathoning this summer. I have to rest up before I participate in the epic Hood to Coast relay.
The party is just getting started!

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