Friday, March 28, 2014

QC tries to follow some rules on a scavenger hunt

I was pretty excited when AK posted that she was hosting the scavenger hunt. I needed a reason to run this week after consecutive marathons. Hah! Seriously though, it helped to have a reason to stop and smell the roses take pictures of random stuff. Whereas I normally do 3-4 miles for my first run back, I decided to just run for awhile and see what happens. If was feeling awful, I'd stop at the 2 mile mark. If I was feeling great, I'd max out at 10. I do actually try to not be a complete idiot.

I wrote the requirements down on my hand:

And clicked on my Garmin to start running. Only it didn't catch a satellite and I ran for nearly a mile without realizing it. Then I decided to just run by time and calculate my splits afterwards.

Anyway, running, schmunning, let's get to the scavenger hunt.

1. A sign of spring
 Yes, lots of signs of spring here in the south. Trees are abloom and filling the air with pollen. Um, yay....

2. Something out of place
That would be a gigantic tree that has come uprooted. I think it looks like Jabba the Hutt.

3. Something with at least 4 colors
 Finding colorful trash along the Greenway is sadly way too easy. Green, purple, white, and blue. The label actually has yellow too, but you really can't see it in the picture.

4. A favorite place to run

I'm using 2 pictures here because the first one is my favorite spot along the Greenway--a giant field that is often full of cows. The other one is more "classically beautiful" with the tree-lined boardwalk.

5. A fancy house or building
Look, there aren't a lot of choices out in redneckville. And I tried to zoom in on this old barn since it was really one of the few "buildings" along the run. I was going to take a picture of a birdhouse (see the one in the first picture of #4), but that seemed equally lame. #fancyhousefail

6. Something with a name or something that has a word that starts with v, w, x, or z.
Wasp nest. Was going to just go with a picture of water, but stumbled upon this during my cool down.
7. A green car
Green cement truck counts, right? Kind of got lucky with that one. Thought I was going to have to scour the parking lot for a hybrid vehicle since apparently no one drives green cars. Fortunately, I saw this while waiting to cross the one major intersection!

8. Something with the numbers that can be combined to make 10
1^6+1^1+1^2+7=10  Boom!

9. Something with a Loop on it

It's my out-and-back 6.75 Loop! And there is kind of a loop on the picture too.

10. Something making a funny face

Oh please, like I could resist taking just one selfie?!?!?

11. Bonus: something sarcastic
 Slow? Bahahahahaha!!!!! I know this pertains to bikers, but I laugh every time I run by the sign. Like I need a sign to tell me to slow down? Suck it, sign!

Thanks again, AK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This definitely made those 10.2 miles waaaaaaaaaay more fun than just a regular QC run on the Greenway.


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