Friday, April 4, 2014

Training, schmaining, running, schmunning

This reverse taper/maintenance/taper thing is weird. When preparing for my first 8 marathons, I had a neat and tidy little schedule that I tried like heck to adhere to. But the Pig "training" has been a week of coming off 2 marathons, 2 weeks with long runs, and then another taper.

I'm not going to lie, I'm looking forward to taper part. My body is still churning out runs, but I'm feeling a little creaky. I ran 10.2 last Thursday for the scavenger hunt (4 days post marathons) and another 10 Sunday:

The weather was perfect for running, but I feel like I didn't really have any gas in my tank until the last 2 miles--which, oddly enough, were my fastest 2 miles.

Tuesday, I was really going to try to get that pace back above 8 so that I'd be better rested for my long run. Right......
And Wednesday was one of those OH-MY-GAWD-IT'S-A-PERFECT-DAY-TO-BE-A-RUNNER kind of day. I packed my bag to hit the Greenway after work and was not surprised to find the parking lot packed when I got there. And of course, I was all, lalalalalala I love running and failed again at trying to keep an easy pace:
Well, payback is a be-otch. Today was full of misery. A little bit because it was 70 degrees and muggy as heck. A little bit because I had been running a tempo pace for every mile since my marathons. A little bit because I have been a trampolining fool...

It doesn't look bad, but it sure felt awful. I stopped around mile 7 to fill up my water bottles at a water fountain/hit the bathroom only to realize I was drenched in sweat. Those 2 giant beers the night before probably didn't help the hydration situation today... I never said I was smart about any of this, did I?

But I am medal-worthy, thanks to Dave. Pretty stoked that this was in my mailbox this week:

Dave wrote a bloop about these medals--they are crazy intricate. I should have known after the Christmas crafts that he was quite creative, but now I have proof.  Thanks Dave.

Anyway............running, schmunning.......... one more long run (32K for my 32nd birthday on April 14th is the plan) and then time to taper down again. 

I got one of my birthday presents early and IT IS AWESOME.

I've only been wanting one since 1994ish. Dreams do come true, y'all!!!!

Since I've been busy running, working, and drinking beer, I really haven't been doing much in the kitchen of interest lately. Tuna noodle casserole and grilled chicken breast just are not picture-worthy. Sorry. I'll try harder.

But the change in the weather has meant more time devoted to hanging out in the yard and doing a very smidgen of gardening:
And enjoying a few spring sunsets from the patio:
While I'm ready for the grass to green up, Luxy has been perfectly content to make the most of the brown crunchy stuff:
But who can resist this cuteness?:
This week, I'm headed to the Braves home opener Tuesday, rehearsal/rehearsal dinner/wedding for my sister on Friday/Saturday, and my birthday the following Monday. I *might* have some bloop-worthy material!

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