Monday, July 21, 2014

Let's play 20 questions

1.  What is the inspiration for your Loop name?
It was the screen name I choose for AOL instant messenger back in '98 when I was slurping copious amounts of ramen and being a geeky college kid at age 16.

2.  A/S/L/F (age, sex, location, family)?
32/Female/Atlanta suburbs/DH (Adam) and 2 Boston terriers
3.  When is your Loopiversary (date of your first blog on the Loop)?
Apparently I joined 10/16/07 and the earlier bloop I can find was on 3/20/10. The frightening thing is that I've been blogging on Livejournal since 5/9/01.

4.  How long have you been running?
Since I was in middle school. I ran track in high school, became a gym rat in college, fell off the wagon a bit in my early 20's, but haven't missed more than a week since 2006.

5.  What is your favorite distance to race?

6.  Do you belong to a local running club?
Nope. I love running with people when I can, but I'm totally okay to rock it solo.

7.  Have you ever been to a Loopmeet or Loopfest?
Yes. Rehoboth, Shamrock, and Flying Pig. Couple of Loopmeets here in Atlanta too!

8.  Have you ever lost a toenail?
Yes. I've lost the same one 3 times. But they are all currently intact.

9.  What is your favorite post-race treat?
Y'all think I'm going to say beer or nachos. But actually I like to have my Pro Muscle Milk first.

10. What one piece of running gear is your must-have item?
My smile. Duh!

11. What socks do you wear when running?

12.  How do your knees feel?
Pretty good.

13.  If you could go to any one running destination/event, where.what would you chose?
Boston! (crosses fingers for 2015)

14.  Hot or cold--which is worse to run in?
Hot! I'll take cold any day. But I don't live in the land of polar vortex...And when it snows, I like it!

15.  If you have a running inspiration or mentor, who is it?
All my Loopsters inspire me every day.  But my high school track coach (an Ironman) told us that running is 80% mental. I still draw on that when I am having a tough workout.

16.  What is your running mantra? (If your answer is "I have no mantra" or something lame like that, you must answer "Da do run, run, run. Da do run, run")
"Stronger, longer, faster"
"Dig deep"
"You have to want this"
I like putting them on my race bibs!

17.  Are there any other runners in your family? 
My dad did some running during the 80's jogging craze, raced a 10K, and fell off the bandwagon.

18.  Roads or trails?
Greenways? I have only raced on roads, but I do most of my running on the boardwalks of my Greenway.

19.  What's the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on a run?
Funny haha or funny embarrassing?  I had to duck into a porta-potty at mile 25 of my 3rd marathon because I was fairly certain I had sharted. Fortunately, it was a false alarm and I went on to finish with a 9 minute PR.

20.  What is your most memorable running moment?
Seeing the finish clock as I came into the stretch at Rehoboth and realizing I had qualified for Boston.

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