Monday, July 14, 2014

What had happened last week

Last Monday, Adam and I happened to have the day off of work. We went out on the lake for a little jet-ski fun:

Late in the afternoon, I got a phone call from my LRS that my Brooks Ravenna 5's had arrived.

I was content to pick them up Tuesday, but Adam thought we'd have enough time to go grab them and then dinner. So we had Tex-Mex (hello nachos!) and then he sweet-talked me into seeing a movie since we had a free movie pass to burn. I like Melissa McCarthy and dumb comedies, so we went to see Tammy.
My review: good thing we had a free movie pass to burn.

Tuesday, I coerced myself out of bed and out on the Greenway for my long run.

Then I mowed and edged my lawn:
I spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out between the refrigerator and the sofa:
Wednesday, I put in 3 miles on the treadmill after work because I didn't have the forethought to bring my running clothes to work with me. I picked up the house a bit and straightened the guest bedrooms as my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and his wife were coming to town.

Finding a Super Bowl 2013 Bud Light under one of the pillows in the guest bed is proof that?
A) I suck at housekeeping
B) The 2013 Super Bowl Party got interesting
C) I need to have more house guests
D) All of the above
Thursday was the kickoff party for the charity event my store hosted this weekend. If you are in the market for awesome outdoor furniture... I can help!

The party last until around 8:30pm and then I met my BIL, SIL, and Adam for dinner. I fought waking up to run on Friday.
But I finally got up and ran 4 miles before work. Tried to at least get a little bit of healthy stuff in at lunch since we were gorging ourselves nightly:
Saturday, my boss let me scoot out an hour early and I used my time wisely waiting for the family to get home from their adventures at The World of Coke and The Georgia Aquarium:
Sunday, I had the mindset of 6 easy if it hurt, 6 with 4 tempo if I felt okay. I didn't even look at my goal times. I shed my tank when I got to the Greenway and felt as comfortable as one can in the low 80's with shade. I eased into the first mile and then pushed the pace.

I am still experiencing some wonkiness in my left hip, but I actually don't feel it much when I run. It's most noticeable when I start walking after sitting or lying down. I decided to head to the pool yesterday afternoon for some therapy with my SIL:
My "training schedule" is all effered up because I decided to bump up my long runs. So I'm thinking of doing this week as a cutback week. I did 6 today and it was definitely on the eh side. Depends on how my body feels come Wednesday if I decide to do 20 or 6 on Thursday. Being ahead of schedule gives me a little leeway and I'm thinking I might could use the rest:

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