Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm going to Boston baby!!

The training that began in August 2013 and culminated with the run of a lifetime in December 2013 finally knocked over another milestone (pun so intended) this past Wednesday.



It's really hard to put into words how it feels. Nothing that pops into my mind seems to be right. I'm just so darn humbled to be included in this experience. Honestly, I feel like a bit of an imposter sometimes...

I expected to hear from the BAA one way or another by the time I finished my run on Wednesday morning so one might say that I was a bit extra motivated. I got out early because I knew I was going to be able to enjoy this:
It had been a long time since I ran on the Greenway with temperature starting with 5. It was a decidedly perfect September morning for running. I pretty much felt like a rock star the entire run. My plan was to run 6 out and back for a total of 12 miles and meet my RB at the trail head to do another 6 with him. Since we've been averaging in the mid to upper 8's, I figured I could just go hog wild for 12 miles and enjoy and a relaxed pace for the last 6.

It felt so good to see those paces again. I was definitely working hard, but the difference was that I actually felt good and strong. I expected to celebrate in the parking lot with my RB, but there was no news from the BAA yet.

I took a shower and then an ice bath.
Still no news.

Baked a pumpkin spice bundt cake.
Still no news.

Lazed on the sofa with the BTs.
I went into the attic to retrieve champagne glasses for my brother's engagement party this weekend and saw the news when I came downstairs. Maybe they were just waiting for me to bring out the celebratory glassware?

Friday night, I flew out of work as quickly as I could at 7pm to try to catch the last few minutes of daylight on the Greenway. Fly I did. I bound down the trail with thoughts of Boston on my mind. As the world slipped slower into darkness, I felt very primal. I upped the effort in the final mile and tried to empty the tank. 2 awesome runs in the same week?! What is going on....
Yesterday, I squeezed in work, party prep, and a late night dinner with friends. Unfortunately, I tossed and turned all night (so unlike me, ugh!) and did not feel so wonderful on my run today. But, at least I threw down a decent pace.
I plan to do 20 on Tuesday if I'm feeling well tomorrow. This will give me a chance to do 2 20's with a cutback week if I decide to do Marshall. If not, it'll just be a really good start for Rehoboth.

The rest of my day was spent prepping and hosting my brother's engagement party. He got engaged in the spring, but his fiancé finally had some family in town so we decided to do the party this weekend. I did the food (all vegetarian since the fiancé is a veggie), my sister did the decor, and I think it was quite a success.

Party colors:
 Caesar cups with Parmesan cheese bites: 
 Strawberry hearts:
 Zucchini pizza bites:
Cheddar/grapes, Brie/apples, Gouda/apricots:
 Stuffed mushrooms and crustless quiche:
7-layer Mediterranean dip:
Death by chocolate cupcakes:
 I love a good party y'all!!!!!!!! Cheers!

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