Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ramblings before Rehoboth

I have been loving the little resurgence of The Loop, but I am now having a tough time keeping up! Trying to read blogs I've read for years and giving hurrahs to all the new kids on the street along with marathon training, working (at a place that does not allow for random Loop stalking), and um, living life is kind of hard to squeeze in. But I try!

Hard to believe that a year ago this week I was preparing myself for The Race. I have no such expectations this time around--just to have fun and see what happens. My "training" in the 5 weeks between marathons has been 0 days of speedwork (well, tempo-ish pace runs, but nothing short n' fast), one 20 miler and one 14 miler with a smattering of 3-10 milers in between.

I picked up some tulle to make a purple tutu for Rehoboth. You know, in my free time. The tutu is mostly to make sure I keep it fun. The hip has been kind of wonky off and on and I want to go into Boston training unscathed. But is it weird that I don't really have any ambitions for Boston? Right now, I'm thinking that it'll be just be a fun experience. Maybe I'll change my mind?


Last Wednesday, I went out for 14 miles after my favorite pre-run meal the night before.

I ran 10 by myself at a 7:41 pace and then finished the last 4ish miles with my RB. I like having a friend for the last few miles. Makes it impossible not to cut the run short and gives me something to look forward to while running.
Later, I began prep on Thanksgiving dinner. It had been a few years since I had been in charge of hosting, so I had fun digging into recipes. I made brine for the turkey:

And begin soaking the wood chips since I was smoking the bird:
There was no turkey trot for me in the morning. I ran my first ever marathon on Thanksgiving Day in 2009 and I my first ever half on Turkey Day 2012. But with impeding Rehoboth, a $75 registration fee (for the half because you know how 5Ks and 10Ks scare me), and hosting dinner, I decided it was best to just do my long run the day before. Soothe my temptations.

I got up early to begin smoking the turkey:
And watched the parade with the dogs alternating spots in front of the fire:

Eventually, I got up and started making bread:
And checked on the turkey:
As I got all the sides going, I put the finishing touches on the grill:
And by 3:00p.m., the crew had convened with their yummy dishes to share and we feasted:
The day was over too fast and soon I was faced with the worst work day of the year in retail: Black Friday.

We were doing 75% off the entire store from 10:00am-noon. So while I was saved from working on Thanksgiving and scary early morning hours, I was not saved from the atrocious bum rush of people acting a fool for material goods. But hey, these people put a roof over my head so I tried to make the most of it. I survived.

I came home and ran 3 miles and it was the best 3 miles I had run in a loooooooong time. There was an impromptu dance party on the treadmill. And lots of messed-up-lyrics sung breathlessly and out of key. It was fun.

This morning, I wanted to punch the alarm clock across the room. So I harumphed for a short while before dragging myself upright. An hour later, while mid-run, I scolded myself for being so mean to that alarm clock. See how much better it is when we get up to run before work?

Those last lil' 8 miles are in the books.
And now Rehoboth, it's time for a victory lap!

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