Friday, January 11, 2013

Gasp! Running doesn't cure illness?!

Did you know that sinus infections cannot be cured by LSD runs?

I tried, but was unsuccessful.  See, I had this tickle in the back of my throat on Monday, but I kind of felt that way all last week and nothing transpired.  I even felt 'regular' over the weekend.  So I pushed the thought aside that I might be coming down with something and rocked out my 13.5 miler on Tuesday.  Wednesday said, 'oh no you didn't!'.  Big head of boogers, tender checks, coughing, sneezing, and the itchy throat got much more noticeable.

I hauled myself to the Minute Clinic at CVS--this was the second time I've been and have had awesome luck with great people working there.  I was feeling rundown, but we had a corporate visit on Thursday AND I was not contagious so I stuck it out at work.  It wasn't pleasant and I was absolutely exhausted when I left.

Yesterday, I felt about the same in the morning, but thought I could manage at least a 3 miler when I got home.  I was supposed to be doing 6 miles of speedwork, but that was clearly not in the cards.  I muscled through the 3 miler, ate some dinner, and blobbed on the couch the rest of the night.

This morning, I still felt like big ol' boogers, but I met some girlfriends for breakfast at Waffle House.  I had a waffle and some bacon with coffee.  Fast forward a few hours later after I've done my self review for work (uggggggggggggh) and I decide that I could push the speedwork off again and do it on Sunday, thus 'freeing up' Sunday's 5 miler for today (are you still following?).  I get on the treadmill--it's raining and I'm feeling wussy--and start going.  My stomach is hollow and I am so hungry at the 2.5 mile mark that I ran downstairs to eat a granola bar.  I then run back upstairs and finish my run.  It was ugly, but I did it.

Now I have to face the 6 miles of speedwork on Sunday.  Hopefully the antibiotics will kill this thing and I will have some spring in my step.  I'm definitely worried about hitting my times even though they have no bearing on anything else other than personal pride.  In fact, I know I could just skip the speedwork this week and be just fine. know I'm going to be pushing myself to get those times!

Peace out, it's date night time!

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