Thursday, January 31, 2013

My family room is evolving into a gym

Week 5 of marathon training is going well.  4 miles easy on Monday, 6 mile tempo yesterday, and 3 miles easy today.  I have 16 planned for the weekend.  I'm planning on tackling that on Saturday so I can concentrate on making lots of food for my Super Bowl party. 

We are getting smoked wings from our favorite barbecue place, but I am making the rest of the food.  There will be a taco bar with beef and chicken and all the fixins'.  I am going to make a huge batch of guacamole, a huge batch of salsa, and the everyone-loves-to-make-fun-of-it-but-loves-it-anyway Velveeta and Ro-tel.  There will be deviled eggs made to look like little footballs.  For sweet stuff, I am making Chex Mix Muddy Buddies (you know, with the peanut butter, chocolate, and coated in powdered sugar).   There will be beer and wine for the big kids and strawberry lemonade and Capri Suns for the DDs, preggos, and little kids.  Feel free to stop on starts at 6:00!

Back to running stuff..............

I am finally getting this strength training thing a real try again.  Only this time, I am not doing it by conventional methods.  When I belonged to a gym, I would strength train almost every time I ran.  I would stretch for a few minutes after my run and hit the weights for 30-40 minutes.  Now, I have set up the family room to do my weight training while we (re: Adam) watch TV in the evening.  I had just a set of hand weights, but I got a stability ball last week.  The ottoman has become my bench and one of the side tables is great for calf raises. 

I know that it might lose its luster after a few weeks or months (if I'm lucky!) so I have to just try to tell myself to do a few repetitions of a few exercises each night.  Once I get started (just like running), I usually complete a bunch of sets.  Plus, if I keep up the good work, I plan to reward myself with new toys like perhaps a kettle ball? I'm open to suggestions.  I've used almost every 'regular' piece of gym equipment from free weights to all the Cybex and Nautilus machines.  But I would like something smaller that I could stash under the coffee table or in a corner.  The blue stability ball is a little obnoxious, but I figure anyone coming over to my house already knows that I'm a crazy runner girl.

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