Sunday, September 22, 2013

Short 'n sweet: The rest of week 5

Finally! A good mojo run.  By my standards, a run that makes me feel strong, powerful, and without any aches and pains.  It wasn't a runner's high run, but I'm content with saving that for race day.

I already blooped about my first 2 runs of the week, but here are the stats on the last 2:

Friday: Planned 4 easy miles @ 9:21, Actual 4 miles @ 8:34

Sunday: Planned 6 tempo with 4@7:51, Actual 6 miles in 8:18, 7:46, 7:13, 7:23, 7:13, 7:33, last .2 in 1:28 (7:10 pace)

I hit my groove a little later than anticipated and while I initially was shooting for about a 7:40 pace, I just let my body carry me through the run.  I was running at about an "8" effort where 1=strolling and 10=pukey pants.  However, I felt like it was a controlled 8.  Sometimes I feel like I am running more of a fartlek when I tempo because I paying way too much attention to my time.  This time I tried to just settle into a as-comfortable-as-a-tempo-can-be pace and let my body do the work.

This definitely made me more confident for my mile repeats that I have on the calendar for the upcoming week.  I have 3@7:21 on the calendar.  Speedwork is by far the thing that is the most challenging in this particular go 'round of marathon training.  The easy recovery runs are well, easy recovery runs.  And my long runs are not daunting in the sense that I know my body is completely capable of running that distance.  I still respect the long run and prepare for it, but I am not scared if I feel like crap.  Been there, done that.

I have toyed with the idea of vamping up my training program, but honestly, my A goal is just to BQ.  When I look at my previous training logs, I was running just a few seconds slower overall on the majority of my runs.  But I was also racing on a pretty hilly course so it's possible 8 minutes could be made up on a flat course.  I dunno.  I still have so many self-doubts about it all.  But I will do the training, trying to not act a fool on Friday night in Rehoboth, and remember to keep it all in perspective.  I could be on a long horse ride!

The good news about fall is that we will finally get some welcome relief from the heat and hopefully my running will feel even easier.  The bad news is that the days are definitely getting shorter and running outside becomes harder on work days.  I am hoping that we get lucky with the weather for my half in 2 weeks!

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