Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 6: Lady luck and duh, food pics

The running:

Tuesday: Plan was 4 easy @9:21, Actual was 4 easy @8:57

Thursday: Plan was 3X1 mile @7:21 with 800 jogs, 6 total miles, Actual was 8:25, 7:19, 800 @ 8:27 pace, 7:02, 800 @ 8:21 pace, 6:56, 8;11

Friday: Plan was 3 easy @9:21, Actual was 3 easy @8:57

Saturday: Plan was 18 easy @9:21, Actual was 18 @8:13 with splits of 8:24, 8:23, 8:16, 8:16, 8:15, 8:18, 8:17, 8:17, 8:14, 8:10, 8:18, 8:33, 8:14, 8:07, 8:04, 8:01, 8:00, 7:47

I was pretty happy with my training week.  My foot gave me a little bit of issue on my long run a few miles in, but for the most part, I am feeling good.  I was especially pleased that I was able to bang out my mile repeats on Thursday night, have a true recovery run Friday, and a really great long run Saturday.

My middle miles on my long run felt really easy and comfortable and looking back at my splits, it is just a few seconds faster than what I am aiming for on race day.  I was definitely pushing it in the final miles, but mostly because I knew that I had conserved early and that my body was feeling good.  I drank Nuun instead of Gatorade and water this go 'round and while I still had salty skin when I was done, I didn't experience leg cramping.  I still have yet to figure out why sometimes my legs feel like they are on fire post-long run when all the other variables are the same.  Ah, running, a constant experiment....

In non-running news--a lot of the reason I haven't been reading bloops--was that I have been busy working, eating, baking, dinner with friends, and catching a few hours of the few TV shows that I adore (re: New Girl, Parenthood, The White Queen, and The Amazing Race).   I had a work dinner on Tuesday night, dinner with high school friends on Wednesday night, date night with the gang on Friday night, and an impromptu dinner party Sunday night. Whew!

You want food pictures, I got 'em!

First I got a little healthy with brussel sprouts:


And my I-can't-decide-what's-for-dinner default dinner, steak and potatoes:


Tuesday, I baked!! I did some experiments with pumpkin, paleo, and gluten-free flour. I love trying new recipes and these turned out pretty good considering that they weren't chocked full of 'normal' ingredients.  I'm not paleo or gluten-free, but my sister is gf and our third wheel for date night is now officially seeing a girl who gf.

I made paleo pumpkin bars:


Paleo pumpkin chocolate chip cookies:


And gluten-free pumpkin bread:

After dinner with the high school friends on Wednesday night, my best friend told me she had my pie dish in her car to return to me.  She borrowed it for a photography project awhile back.  And she return it with a pie! Sa-wheet!

After I showered, ice bathed, ate random things from my fridge, and turned on a football game, the sofa monster summoned me to a loooooong nap on Saturday afternoon.  The BTs hogged the sofa kept me company:


Adam and I both had Sunday off and it was absolutely gorgeous outside.  We had purchased a Groupon for the zoo and we decided it was a perfect day to use it.


We saw lots of birds, including flamingos:

Dirty warthogs:


Elephant butts:

And really big turtles:

Jeff and his new gf joined us and he managed to snap a great pic of Adam and I:


We decided to keep the fun going into the evening and stopped at Whole Paycheck Foods for goodies to make appetizers munchies and kabobs:


We all contributed to the meal like we had spent 1000 nights together and conversation flowed as generously as the wine:

It was a relaxing and lovely day.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to wonder if this is all real!  Because I really am quite a lucky girl.

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