Thursday, March 14, 2013

#5 is not completed and I'm already thinking about #6

The last days of the taper have arrived.  I have now been on weather patrol, eating way too much, and cursing these short little runs.  I ran an easy 3 on Tuesday after doing some serious foam rolling and self-massage on Monday night.  My shin still felt a little twingy, but better overall.

Tonight I did a little speedwork--2x1600 with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down.  I was supposed to hit 7:30 on my miles and I managed to pull out a 6:50 and a 6:42.  Yay!  I am not going to lie--it wasn't easy.  I was definitely feeling lead-legged today.  I suppose it was a good day to have only 2 repeats on the schedule.

I wore my new obnoxious green shorts that I purchased for race day.  Now that I was sure it was going to be warm, I decided to get new shorts.  I thought I had taken the tag off last night when I was getting all my gear together.  About halfway through the second repeat I felt a weird poking sensation on my left leg.  Somehow I managed to feel around for the tag and not break my stride.  I laughed out loud when I realized my idiot self forgot to take the tag off.  Doh!


I was getting a bit panicky about getting to the expo with Adam.  He works a short day tomorrow, but I was scheduled until 7 and he works Saturday, but I was off.  I worked it out with the other managers that I would just scoot out at 4 tomorrow.  Wahoo!! Now we can go together AND possibly have date night downtown. 

I am supposed to run 3 miles tomorrow, but I'm not really sure how that's going to happen with work and the expo and date night.  And I could get up early and knock 'em out, but I think I might just let it be.  I don't like to run the day before the marathon--gotta get all the rest I can with my silly retail job.  I definitely do not have a sedentary job, so my biggest issue is getting my legs/feet fully rested before race day.

My goals for race day:

1) Sub 3:50

2) PR 3:50:36

3) Cross the finish line

It is supposed to warm again this year.  Highs are going to be in the 70s.  Plus, with this nagging shin thing, I am not feeling super confident about 1 or 2.  But 3 will happen.  Besides, I think I am going to have to fight this PR with a different course anyway.  One that is less hilly and potentially less warm.  Still taking suggestions for a fall marathon--even though training in the summer sounds horrific.  But I'll entertain ideas.

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