Friday, March 29, 2013

NRR: how a dog-lover became a meow mom

This is NRR and sad, but I feel the need to memorialize the kitty that stole my heart.  So bear with me if you are a faithful reader of all my ridiculousness--running or otherwise.

See, I've never been a cat person.  Dogs? Yes. Cats? Well, they just never warmed my heart in the same way that dogs did.  Part of it was because my mom always disliked them so I think some of it was nurture.  But I never felt that they could love in the same way dogs do.

Duncan proved me wrong.  He was the coolest cat for a non-cat person.  Adam, the love of my life for 9 years, started dating me when Duncan was about 8 years old.  Eventually, through marriage, I was a kitty-mom.  Over time, I came to appreciate the nuzzles, the lap warming, and what we affectionately dubbed "kitty high time".  Kitty high time=the random sprints through the house and/or incessant attention getting antics.  Cat people understand.

He was never very vocal and was the type of cat that was both around, yet not crazy-affectionate.  He snuggled when we invited it, but never demanded it.  Full of sweetness and non of the stealthy weirdness that many other cats that I've 'met' have had.

In his younger years, he was quite a butterball.

I brought Luxy, the Boston Terrier, into the marriage and she was like, "what is this thing?"

Fat kitty

Later, she was all like, "okay mom, I suppose he can put his fatness to good use by keeping me warm."

Duncan sleeping on Luxy

I knew both our hearts had been won over when she fully subjected herself to things like kitty mustaches.

Kitty mustaches

The best days were when all the fur-kids were in the room.  Adam also brought Josie, the lab mix, into the marriage.  We eventually adopted Torrance, the other Boston Terrier, during a humane society event at local PetSmart (such suckers....).

All the kids

The icing on the cake was when all the fur-kids and their adorable human-dad got together.

All the kids plus dad

I'm going to miss this regal beast as he crossed over the rainbow bridge yesterday after 17 good, long years.  He wasn't sick for long and I'm happy that his suffering was minimal.  As Adam's first 'adult' pet, I can only hope that we memorialize his great impact on our lives and save a little place of our hearts for him.


Rest in peace little dude.  It just won't be quite the same without a feline in the house.

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