Sunday, March 10, 2013

T-minus 6 days 'til race day!

Thursday I ran a sweet little tempo run after work.  I ducked out of work a few minutes early (which was okay since I arrived waaaay early) and hit the Greenway.  It was a delightful, lung-burning run in which I felt exhilarated flying over the boardwalks.  7:31, 7:16, 6:59, 7:12, 6:59.  It was supposed to be 1 mile warm-up, 3 at 7:59, and 1 mile cool down.  Uh huh, whatevs.

I posted on FB that I had the pleasure of indulging in Taco Bell's Cool Ranch Doritos Locos tacos on Wednesday evening.  Food elitists can snub my choice, but I have no shame in my food vices.  Especially since I follow these indulgences with things like a kale/pear/grape/mandarin smoothie.  And then have killer workouts.  I know, I know, I won't be 30 and iron-stomached forever....

A little naughty:

A little nice:

On Friday, after my little 2 miler, I went to lunch with my mom which is always fantastic.  She leaves on a 2-week cruise that takes her through the Panama Canal next week and she gets back a day after we take our week-long Caribbean cruise.  So I basically won't see her for a month. :(  But at least we both have awesome reasons!

Adam took Friday afternoon off work and we went to the bowling alley.  I am addicted to the basketball game in the arcade area and have a ridiculously competitive need to get the high score on each unit before leaving.  I actually looked up how much one of those arcade games cost--definitely out of the price range.  Forget the fact that we don't have anywhere to put it.... details, details...

Adam talked me into buying a bowling ball/shoes/bag package and now I am the proud owner of a 12 pound purple bowling ball.  Which is hilarious because I am such a terrible bowler.  But, hey, it's a sport Adam likes and even though I'm terrible, I enjoy trying.  And who doesn't appreciate a sport that you can improve your score by drinking beer??!!

But really it's because it makes this guy smile:

I worked yesterday. I was sandwiched between 2 days off and just itching for time to go faster.  It was a beautiful day and it seems as though all of our customers were out enjoying the pretty weather instead of shopping.  But it wasn't like I had anything awesome planned.  In fact, I talked Adam into going back to Target (where he's the Optical Manager) and buying a steam cleaner for our carpets. 

After dinner, I was raring to fire it up like a crazy suburbanite on a Saturday night.  And that's exactly what I did.  But it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like my 14 year old self would be really disappointed that this was what awesome looked like in the future...

This morning, I headed to the Greenway along with the rest of the yuppies in my county.  Contrary to last week, where it was 18* outside, it was nearing 70* today.  The parking lot that was pretty much empty was now overflowing onto the nearby road.  I had 8 easy on the schedule.  I found myself frustrated that it was too warm, I had to dodge too many bicycles, and people in running/workout clothes toting Starbucks.  Seriously? I am pretty sure that you don't need to wear Spandex if you holding an inch of whipped cream in your hands. 

The 8 miles were okay.  I still have a twinge in my left shin and my right ankle started to feel funky when I tried (unsuccessfully) to force myself to run at an easy pace instead of tempo pace.  7:58, 8:00, 7:41, 7:50, 7:56, 7:58, 7:53, 7:51.  Too fast.  But I was kind of glad that I didn't have a glorious run because my superstitious side tells me that it's nearly impossible to have lots of good runs in a row.  And I'd like to 'save' my good run for race day.

3 more runs left.  2 little 3 milers and 1 little 4 miles speedwork session.  One week from day I will hopefully be taking a ferocious nap, enjoying the sweet victory of completing marathon #5!

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