Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where to drink the Kool-Aid?

I posted my race pics on FB, but I pulled out my top 3 for my bloop.

Here's Adam and I before our races:


I like this pic because I actually look like I'm running fast:


And last, but not least, my ultimate Loop photo.  Double BP, my hair flying high, and the biggest smile 'cause I know I am about to PR:


In the 2 days since the race, I've managed to sign up for next year's race (hey, it was only $40 if you were one of the first 100!) and gotten the flu.

Yesterday afternoon, I felt a little tickle in my throat.  I was thinking it was just allergies.  Then before I went to sleep I started to feel even achier than the normal post-marathon aches.  Like my shoulders hurt, my arms hurt, I had a headache, etc.  I slept terribly and keep waking up writhing in pain.  I went to work feeling like death and left as soon as another manager came in.  Then I went straight to the doctor to get checked out.  The culture for the flu actually came back negative, but she said that she was pretty certain given my symptoms and sudden onset that I should play it safe, take Tamiflu, and rest/stay home until next week.  Ugggghhhh!!!!! We'll see.  I don't want to get anyone else sick, but if I feel better, I will go stir crazy if I have to stay home.

After I napped and drugged myself up, I finally felt good enough to catch up on some more bloops.  Then I got started researching which race(s) I want to commit to.  I have never been a part of an official Loop meetup so that is my main goal.  Running, schmunning!  That crap I can do in my sleep....  I have the tentative idea of attending West Virginia Trilogy and racing one of the days and be support crew/cheer squad for the others.  But that all depends on our anniversary plans so I cannot nail that down one way or the other until later.

Of course the other race I am considering is Rehoboth.  I usually would never consider asking for a weekend off in December with my retail job to go race, but this is something that is so appealing to me.  The only caveat at this point is that my brother-in-law has been in talks about considering getting married over Thanksgiving Day weekend so again, I will just have to wait until a little later on to decide if I'm going to green light this decision.

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