Monday, May 6, 2013

Bustin' up my routine

For quite a long time, I have used the 7 miler as a measure of my running aptitude.  It was back in 2007 that I solidified a regular schedule of running about an hour every other day--it was much less regimented before that time.  At that point in my running career, it took me just over an hour (63-ish minutes) to run 7 miles and thus, a rut began.  Over time, I have slowly shaved off minutes and now a 7 mile easy run is around 55 minutes.  If I am feeling particularly speedy, I do it around 53:XX and if I am chillin' on the TM, I run it in around an hour.

In 2009, I took the plunge into marathon training and revamped my schedule during that time period to prepare my body for the trials and tribulations of running 26.2.  But, after I could properly walk down the stairs again, I returned to my old ways.  Each spring marathon training cycle for the past 4 years has brought the same shake-up to my routine.  But like a creature of habit, I found myself returning to those 7 mile runs. I'd toss in a long run about once a month to keep myself in a good place, but I'd never really do any shorter easy runs save for days where I'd be forced to by time constraints.

However, this post-marathon spring has been different.  I ran my 7 milers on vacation--moreso to ensure that I was burning mojito calories and less about the actual running.  But the rest of the weeks have been blissfully different.  And it's been a good change-up for me.  I run far when I have the time and energy and run short when I find myself lacking on those things.  The weather has been perfectly cool thus far for spring in Hotlanta and except for the torrential rain pour this weekend, I haven't been on the TM.

Friday, I took advantage of ​ my day off and went for a 10 mile run in the rain.  It wasn't raining hard and the temps were in the 50's--it was actually super refreshing.  I planned to just keep between 8:15-8:30 pace, but my body was primed for something faster.  The best part?? I was completely lost in my own thoughts for 90% of the run and the final mile was the only point that I felt like I was giving the run much effort.  I ​LOVE​ getting lost in my brain when I run.  It had been too long since I had such great mojo like that!!!  Friday's splits: 7:58, 8:03, 7:58, 7:44, 7:53, 7:48, 7:45, 7:54, 7:45, 7:37.

Due to work and a family dinner on Sunday, I had no time to run (re: I didn't want to get up early), so I ran 5 miles on Saturday.  It was raining super hard when I left work and was supposed to continue all night.  So I decided to run on the TM--weird after so many outdoor runs! 

Today, I knew I couldn't run on my awesome Greenway because it was sooooooooo flooded.  But it was 50 degrees and overcast outside, so I went running on the dumb sidewalks about a mile and a half from my house.  It is a very hilly run and all concrete.   But I made the most of it.  I enjoyed the different scenery and listened to a different Pandora station.  I even tried to lollygag, but then I got amped up on the hills and well, here's what happened: 8:09, 7:58, 7:50, 8:03, 7:54, 8:01, 7:48. 

I hope to keep up the trend of random mileage throughout the week--I like it!

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