Sunday, May 19, 2013

I ask, what's your happy?

I started a list of things that make me happy a few months ago.  It's by no means comprehensive, but I added to it as I recalled various things that were both comfortable and put a smile on my face.

This list is especially poignant almost exactly a year after I was writhing in agony so much about my work situation that I couldn't talk about any other than my own misery.  Things are different right now. It's good to be happy.  I like having time to be happy.  I like having a husband that makes me happy.  I like having running and the community of running in my life that make me happy.  I like Friday night date night happy.  I like beer with a close friend and a bottle glass of wine with my family happy.

I was going to keep it just to myself.  But this week as I ran along the Greenway and got a whiff of honeysuckle at twilight, I decided that others have their own ​things​ that make life a little sweeter.  The memories and connotations are reminders that in between the mundane, there is a lot of joy.  My bucket list is full of adventure and adrenaline.  This list is pure simplicity.

I'll continue to add to it over the months (or years) as even reading it makes me breathe a little slower, smile a little wider.

All kinds of mustard, the smell of freshly cut grass, a love story with a happy ending, red wine (shiraz, zinfandel, pinot noir), really strong black coffee, long runs where I get lost in my thoughts, the crack of the bat, Disney tired, beach tired, night swimming, a medium rare ribeye, houndstooth prints, late afternoon naps, showering after working in the yard, ice cold watermelon on a hot day, sleeping in nice hotels, riding in airplanes, crunchy cereal in super cold milk, the smell of Christmas tree in the house, the first day of shorts after a cold winter, the first day of jeans after a hot summer, dining al fresco, a book I can't put down, old couples holding hands, the smell of honeysuckle at twilight, solving crossword puzzles, salt spray, Bailey's on the rocks, heavy rain in the middle of the night, the smell of new running shoes, the smell of books in an old library, puppy kisses, clean sheets, eating cherry tomatoes off the vine, the sounds of a forest in the morning, candlelight conversations, driving fast with the windows down, a towering piece of chocolate cake, having my hair brushed.....

What's your happy?

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