Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A 14 mile scavenger hunt

I decided to use my long run today to do the scavenger hunt.  I was all pumped up about having little goals to meet along the way and truth be told, I was looking forward to mini-breaks to take pictures along my route.  So many of my runs are gogogogogogogo that I was thinking that I would really enjoy a forced slower run.

I wrote down all the qualifications on my hand so I could remember once I got started. You'd think I could remember 10 things, but I decided not to chance it in case I got all zombie-esque.


I saw a few things to take pictures of right away.  People being healthy (running, walking, riding bikes), a couple of women wearing purple clothing, but I decided to wait until I got a mile in before I pulled out my phone.

I saw a bunny first and took a few pictures, but then I saw a squirrel on a tree that was even closer.

7. A live animal (mosquito, buffalo, alligator), but not human:

As I trotted through the boardwalk area, I kept thinking, how am I going to find something ugly?? It is so gorgeous in the summertime.  The woods are exploding with green color and even the murky creek looks refreshing in the heat.

1. Something beautiful:
something beautiful

I was running with music, but as I was just past 3.5 miles, I heard a bulldozer about 40 yards away from the path.

3. Something loud:

something loud

I kept my phone tucked away for awhile and just ran until I closer to the turn around point.

5. Something with numbers (but not your Garmin):

a number

Then I turned around and snapped a picture of the canopy of trees. A super obvious choice, but I didn't see Shaq on my run today, so trees will have to do.

9. Something very tall:

something tall

I saw ladies wearing purple earlier. I saw purple wildflowers. I was wearing a purple tank top, purple sports bra, and purple socks.  I was drinking purple Gatorade. My favorite color happens to be purple.  But I chose the most random thing I saw that had the color purple.

4. Something purple:

something purple

Around this point was where my Garmin and I started to have words.  I was cussing, Garmin was acting all wonky, I waited to reboot, Garmin played nice for a few more miles.

When I got to around mile 10, I decided to go get water at the park water fountain and score a picture of kids at the skate park.  Sure, I saw plenty of runners/walkers/bikers on the trail, but skateboarding kids were little more unique.  I was trying not to be creepster taking a picture of random strangers, so sorry if the photo is not a great depiction--I promise there were kids skating!

8. Person or people doing something healthy (but not yourself):


After this, Garmin and I had a smackdown.  Some BS about lap database being full couple with the sweat messing with the toggle had me ready to scream.  Besides the fact that I was starting to feel like poo at this point did not help the situation.

2. Something ugly:


Whatever Garmin....

We still needed to find something ironic and I was still 3.5 miles away from the car.  Luckily, the irony part was right around the corner.  They have a number of these signs posted along the Greenway with different foods equaling different calories burned.  Most of the signs have things like yogurt, fruit, baked potato, etc.--you know, relatively healthy things that people who are using the Greenway might consider eating.  But this one particular sign cracks me up because I think it was meant for me.  Especially the nachos.

6. Something ironic (you'll know it when you see it):


The last 3.5 miles were just yucky because I was tired and it was so humid my shorts were soaked through and through.  However, it did make for a great 10. Yourself after a hot run, the sweatier the better:


The face picture is sweaty-ish looking, but my arm is the truth teller.


Who's arm sweats like this???? Ugh!

Anyhow, I ​really​ enjoyed this scavenger hunt and hope that MJ or another Loopster decides to do another one. 

Here are the splits: 8:03, 8:01, 8:10, 8:07, 8:07, 8:19, 8:14, 8:00, 8:04, 8:02, (some weirdness with Garmin losing about .6 of a mile) 8:10, 8:26, 7:54, last .36 at a 7:17

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