Wednesday, June 5, 2013

There might be a sentence about running in this NRR

Aside from the 16 miler I did on Thursday, I made sure to have a great time on my impromptu 5 day weekend.  I worked over Memorial Day weekend so I got to celebrate my holiday a little late.

On Friday, I took my picture for the push-up challenge:

I have done zero upper body strength training since my marathon in March save for hauling furniture around my store for 8 hours a day.  Guess it's good for something? Except I'm terrible at push-ups.  I am currently doing 30 girly ones and 10 regular ones.  Hopefully I can get to 50 regular ones in a few sets by the end of the month.  It's a lofty goal, but I like lofty goals.

I snacked on watermelon and mint post-run on Friday:
watermelon mint

Then I had a late lunch that was actually pretty healthy:
healthy eats

Friday afternoon, Adam and I met up with Jeff to go bowling.  I'm obsessed with arcade basketball and will not-so-humbly admit that I'm really, really good at it.  Adam finally outscored me while we were waiting for Jeff to show up.  So I suppose it was only fair that I finally beat him in bowling. 


After bowling, we went to Studio Movie Grill where we had dinner, drinks, and watched Fast & Furious 6.  May was dude movie month.  We saw Iron Man 3, Star Trek, and F&F6.  Adam totally owes me a romantic comedy.  Actually, I enjoyed all the movies.  Especially F&F6.  I have this obsession with Vin Diesel and fast cars.  Rawr!!!

Saturday, we went to the Braves game. Adam's home away from home is Turner Field:
adam braves

I go for the beer, hot dogs, and walk off singles in the 10th inning:

carissa braves

There was a Run DMC concert after the game which we stuck around for briefly.  Baseball stadiums are not the greatest venue for music and there was a terrible echo where we were sitting.  So we heard 'Tricky' and a couple other songs and busted a move.

Sunday, we went to a baby shower for some friends and then came home and enjoyed a rainy day together.

We watched Beetlejuice:

Laughed at the dogs playing:
dogs playing
Said, "awwwww," when they did cute things:
dogs chillin

We ordered Dominos for dinner:


And played Trivial Pursuit while we gorged on pizza:
trivial pursuit

Monday, we both had the day off and decided that we would finally turn the under stairs closet into my kitchen appliance closet.  Our poor kitty crossed over the rainbow bridge back in March and I had said ever since we bought the house that I was going to turn his litter box room into my appliance closet.

Well, long story short, the closet project turned into the garage project and we spent 10 hours decluttering, organizing, and after 2 trips to Home Depot, we finally finished the garage project.  Unfortunately, the appliance closet project is on hold because we had to order the right size rack to fit in the closet.

The before pictures:
before 1
before 2

I stopped halfway through to put ribs on the grill:

meat meat meat

So we could have enough fuel to complete our masterpiece:

after 1
after 2

And oh yeah, I guess I ran too.  6 miles on Saturday, 3 miles on Sunday, 8 miles naked (my Garmin is slowly dying....) yesterday, and 4 miles tonight.  Nothing exciting to report on the running front except I am really enjoying mixing up my runs and finding joy in varying the distance even though I'm not training for anything right now.

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