Friday, October 19, 2012

Anniversary #4, Awesome Run #862

Oh what a week it was.  I enjoyed a day of doing practically nothing on Monday.  Mostly pajamas and slacking.  It was glorious.  Tuesday, I ran in the morning and caught up on my Downton Abbey addiction.  The second season became available on Kindle Prime so I am happily streaming new episodes regularly.

The latter half of Tuesday, I worked and did some final prepping for inventory.  We filled all the scanners with data so they would be ready to download on Wednesday morning saving us some extra time.  That being said, we were done by around 10:30 AM.  What????? My previous inventory at Williams-Sonoma in January began at 5:30am and ended around 10pm.  I was, of course, preparing myself for a long day.   So I was kind of shocked that we finished so quickly.  I had packed my running clothes in hopes to run with Flying Tomato in the evening.  But since I ended up leaving at 3pm and he wasn't going to be at the park until after 6, I had to run alone.

It was a bad run.  The first 5 miles were yucky.  The final 2 miles I really contemplated stopping to walk.  All because my feet hurt soooooo bad.  I can't figure out if I have a bout of plantar fasciitis or bad bunions or both.  I came home and took a long bath and iced the worse of the two feet.
Yesterday was me and Adam's 4th anniversary!!!! Yippee!!!  We celebrated by dining at Restaurant Eugene and had a ridiculously delicious meal.  I had a food-gasm, like, 6 times.  We split a whole bunch of appetizers. First was a grilled mixed greens salad with radishes, beets, sweet onions, and carrots.  Next was a fun take on a hoppin' john--black-eyed peas and rice with tender pieces of gulf shrimp in a delcious broth.  With our meat appetizers, we shared a pork belly dish that had sauteed apples and carmelized onions as well as an amazing sweetbreads dish that even Adam loved.  I had this stupidly awesome duck dish that had a sliced breast on one half of the plate and slow-cooked dark meat atop greens on the other side.  Oh. My. God.  Adam had a ribeye that he allowed me taste a piece of--it was meltingly tender for a ribeye.  The final course was a caramel chocolate thing that was the perfect portion of rich and sweet.  My belly was super happy when we left.

Wedding day memories:

I iced my foot this morning for awhile.  Then I downloaded some new tunes for the iPod.  Then I had the most awesome 11 mile run through the woods.  The leaves were falling like a light snow.  The sky was clear and deep blue.  It was in the mid 60s.  Um, I was in runner's paradise.  My new tunes were extra inspiring.  When I got to the cow pasture, I really wanted to hop over the fence and take off at full tilt through the field.  Or at least do a few leaps.  The endorphins were crazy good today!!!  My foot was a little tender on the final 2 miles again.  But I was happy to be feeling so great.  My 8:00 minute miles felt easy.  I'd like to keep this trend of happy and fast runs.  Especially followed by a great meal.

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