Monday, October 15, 2012

Jack Daniels and bacon>Gatorade and pasta

Life got a little busy and even though I had 1 good run last week, I had 3 bad/eh runs at the end of the week. 

Monday, I went to Fleet Feet to get new shoes.  I had a $50 Groupon and a $15 frequent buyer voucher so I ended up going home with 2 new pairs.  I got another pair of Pures in a half size bigger and I also got a pair of Adrenaline 12s (which I wore to run my last marathon).  I headed straight to the Greenway after my buying spree and put the Pures to the test.  The weather was perfectly perfect and I felt good and rested.  After 6 miles of sub 8:00 minute miles, I plowed out the last mile in 6:49!
Wednesday, I decided to run indoors after work and wore my new Adrenalines.  After about 3 miles in, my feet were killing me.  I changed shoes and the pain let up for about a half mile.  But the rest of the run was yucky.  Not enough pain to make me stop, just enough to annoy me and really ruin what I thought was going to be an easy run.

Friday, I wore the Pures from the onset.  But I just felt tired and achy.  Methinks part of it is the cyclical relationship I have with work shoes, running shoes, being on my feet all day, and the times I run after work.  I wore a pedometer last week to work and walked 16,000 steps AT WORK.  The new gig has a sales floor space of about 3 times the size of my old spot.  So I feel a bit justified in my inability to run well after work.  Most days.

Yesterday was the exception.  I was actually grossly hungover in the morning--more on that after the running blurb.  I didn't eat much of anything all day while at work and realized around 5:00 that I was finally hungry.  I wasn't walking very much yesterday--I spent the day standing in one section of the store doing pre-counts for inventory.  An onerous mind task of numbers and descriptions.  I was grouchy from being an idiot the night before so it was probably best that I was not assisting customers anyway....  When I got home and mustered my big girl pants, er shorts, on, I ran.  5 miles felt really great.  Perhaps it was because I was bracing myself for a bad run.  But I was pleasantly surprised that I was about to get 26 miles in last week.


There is the Carissa that runs marathons, writes letters to strangers, kisses her puppies, and tries really hard to be a good and positive person.  Then there is the one that likes to quash the rules for the night and gets cray-cray.  And when drinking with new and old friends, there is the common misconception in my brain that thinks that if I am having fun with 2 drinks, think of the expodential potential of 6 drinks (or more, let's be honest, at some point, I stopped counting).  Thankfully, I was in my own home and no one got hurt.  I just felt like death for a few hours the next morning.
But it was an awesome party if I do say so myself.  The snacks were on par with excellence.  I roasted a beef tenderloin, made potatoes au gratin with gruyere.
There was also a bacon macaroni and cheese appetizer:

A sweet pumpkin dip served in a hollowed out pie pumpkin with apples from the orchard, mini Nilla wafers, and Wheat Thins:

For the birthday cake, I made a chocolate layer cake with Oreo whipped cream frosting:

Later in the evening, after the majority of the food had been consumed, we got hungry again.  I made some microwave popcorn.  Then we decided to haul our popcorn cart outside on the patio (cause these are good ideas when drinking) and made *real* popcorn.

Then there was the hour that I got into a conversation with someone about the awesomeness of the Vitamix which lead to a presentation of fresh fruit margaritas.  At around the same time, we decided to make chocolate drizzled bacon.

The night was capped off with making a pepperoni pizza and stumbling my way to bed.  The dork in me exclaimed, "I'm not flossing or brushing my teeth before bed!"  As if anyone cared...

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