Sunday, October 7, 2012

While everyone was racing...

The good stuff had to catch up with me eventually.  I slacked off on Friday in lieu of sleep and had a yucky run yesterday.  I contemplated running tonight after work, but decided to push it to tomorrow because A) I was exhausted and B) I'm off tomorrow. 

I am probably going to get new shoes this week--my foot is definitely angry.  So either tomorrow or Saturday, I will head to Fleet Feet for a change.  I like the Pures enough, but I think I got them a half size too small.  This has made them feel constantly tight from the beginning.  At first, I thought I was being silly because it was such a different shoe, but I really think they are too small.

It was a crazy weekend of highs and lows at work.  We were really busy, but I finally felt like I knew (mostly) what I was doing.  I am still adjusting to a different way of doing things and hope that I will eventually feel like I'm 'home'.  It probably will be awhile before I feel completely adjusted.  The whole outlet mentality is a much different beast even though a lot of my customers are the same!

Adam and I are throwing a birthday party for our BFF Jeff this weekend.  Entertaining in the fall is as fun as entertaining in the fall.  We can hang out outside (comfortably) and fall food flavors are awesome.  It's always great to have something to look forward to, small or big.

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