Saturday, December 29, 2012

Loopster inspiration and I hope I got my cootie shot

Biscuitpusher's Christmas calorie contest has kicked my running into high gear this week.  Nothing like a little friendly competition to get me out of a funk.  I'm so far away from winning the awesome prize, but I am totally enjoying the daily posts.  Having the The Loop makes me relatively accountable for my running, like weekly-ish.  Loopville makes me think about it more often--I see it throughout the day on FB, but I don't feel the need to contribute every day.  This calorie contest is 'forcing' me to contribute every day and I definitely don't like the goose egg days.

I am normally a run every other day kind of gal.  Or 4 days a week if I am marathon training.  I just have never felt compelled to run each and every day.  I love running, but hey, I love rest days too.  Most weeks I run 25ish miles, always more than 20, but rarely in the low 30s.  However, this week, I am at 34 and I still have 1 more day left.  And I am still excited to run!!!!  I don't think I could get this excited every week in a contest as the novelty would wear off, but I am enjoying this novely.

Monday, I ran 16 miles on the dreadmill, or as one of my FB friends said, in the pain cave. It was thunderstorming all frickin' day.  Tuesday, I Christmas-ed (booze + caloric-laden food=no running).  Wednesday, I ran 3 easy miles.  Thursday, I ran a hilly 8 miler.  Friday, I felt sickly so I rested.  Today, I ran 7 miles.  And today's run wasn't that terrible--I felt sluggish on the first mile, but then I settled into a comfy pace and felt pretty good.

Tomorrow I plan to tackle the onerous task of taking down the Christmas decorations.  Ugh.  Although, I must admit, I really love getting my house back after the holidays.  It's just a pain because it takes a few hours and Adam is super busy this week with everyone trying to use their flex spending for eyeglasses.  He's working 2 6-day weeks and he's feeling sickly so I'll be the nice wife and let him off the hook for Christmas un-decorating.  Poor guy was all NyQuil-ed up last night and I had to sleep in another bedroom so I could get some peace and quiet.  Hopefully, the worst of it is over and he keeps all the cooties to himself.  Yuck!

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