Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You runners and your silly peer pressure!

It only took me 10 minutes to get to the 'New Entry' button.  Stupd %*)$#* pluck! Gah!!

But now I'm here.

I ran 7 miles yesterday.  Easy breezy.  I felt pretty good.  About 7 on the body/mind cooperation scale.  I was running a recovery pace so I was hoping to just finish my run without issue.
Today, I was driving home from work and thinking, 'hmm, I could go for a run before Adam gets home'.  I thought if I ran a little tonight and a little tomorrow night, I could split my usual run up.  I decided that I would run 3-4 tonight and 3-4 tomorrow night.

And then I started looking at FB while I was waiting for the dogs to do their business.  All the runner peeps were posting about their 12.12.12 runs.  I didn't really think about it too much at the time.  I put my running gear on, plugged into Pandora's pop fitness station (oh yeah!!), and decided I would do a little speedwork session.  The original plan was 2x1600 with a 1 mile warm-up and 0.5 mile cool down with a 0.5 mile recovery run in between.  4 miles, math majors.

1 mile warm-up at 6mph (10:00/mile).  Then 1 mile at 8mph (7:30/mile).  I was feeling sluggish by the end of the mile so I changed my tune.  I ran the next half mile at 6mph and then another half mile at 8mph.  By this point, I had finished 3 miles.  I liked this 800 on/off thing and decided I could run longer than I planned.  6 miles sounded great and I started to cool down for less than a quarter mile. 

Too much thinking in that cool down led to me deciding that another mile and a half would be doable and I could attain the awesomeness of completing a 12K.  Sweet.  I felt pretty good at the end and I was happy I decided to go a little further.  Yay for good kinds of peer pressure!!!!!!

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