Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A girl power playlist

I listen to the radio in my car and Pandora at home.  Most of my iTunes folder is dedicated to running music.  There are snippets of the Napster years still lingering around, but the majority of the music that I have purchased for my iPod is for running.  Every few months or so I go on a buying spree with new songs or old favorites and treat myself to some new stuff.

I don't claim to have great musical tastes.  I like what I like.  It's mostly sugar and spice pop and Top 40 with a little bit of techno-y stuff.  The past few years I have added country into the mix.  My 15 year old self would think I was so lame.  But I had blue hair and a black bedroom back then.  It's a good thing people evolve over time, right?

Two separate sparks of inspiration lead me to a new girl power playlist for my run today. This morning I read a really great article about Pink in the USA Today.  Later, I watched the last 30 minutes of Bridesmaid which included a song by Hole.  The wheels started churning and the credits for Bridesmaids played, I conjured up a few new songs to finish out my run.  I was so enamoured with my selections that I ran an extra mile to enjoy the songs.

For the final couple of miles of my 8-miler, here's what I rocked out to:

Veruca Salt-Seether
Garbage-Only Happy When It Rains
No Doubt-I'm Just A Girl (I forgot how much I LOVE this song)
Eve-Let Me Blow Ya Mind
Christina Aguilera/Lil' Kim-Can't Hold Us Down

Besides the fact that I was pumped up by my music selections, I was pretty happy to run in just double socks for 2.5 miles.  The last 5.5 miles I wore my Flows.  I have been experiencing some bunion pain and decided to see how my feet felt sans shoes.  It was pretty great for a few miles--I definitely have a more relaxed stride without shoes.  But I do think it is time for new work shoes and probably couldn't hurt to get a new pair of running shoes too.  I'm thinking minimalist shoes don't last quite as long as stability shoes...for obvious reasons.

Lastly, I am greatly enjoying a book that Flying Tomato lent me.  It's the Runner's World book that features the long stories compiled by the magazine.  I have been reading a story each night before bed and feel freshly inspired with each read.  I have a feeling I am going to really sad to finish it so I am trying to savor each story.  And I am such a sucker for human triumph sagas--I love a happy ending.

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