Thursday, September 6, 2012

Run a race for charity?

Running has been a going through the motions kind of thing this week.  I laced up on Tuesday night and again this morning because it is part of my routine.  It's a good thing that it is just part of the routine because otherwise I probably wouldn't have done it if I had to think about it much.

My head has been swirling with thoughts of the new job.

The new job is going, well, it's going.  It's really hard to do something else after working for the same company for 8 years.  Not that the job itself is hard--I'm confident I'll get the systems and learn the product eventually.  A lot of the aspects of my old job are fully translatable to the new job.  But I'm yearning to feel settled and in love with what I'm doing.  I'll stay optimistic that this can actually happen.  The people are nice though and that is a big part of feeling happy in the workplace. 

Work, blah, blah, blah, work....

I have recently completed a set of articles about charity racing.  I got a lot of great information from the charities themselves.  It definitely inspired me to try it some time.  I really wish that the MS society sponsored more charity runs because this hits particularly close to home.  However, I have other ones to consider like the APSCA.

Anyone have any charity runs do's/don'ts? I'm pretty certain that if you are able to raise the money that this is a fantastic way to race, but I'm just curious about others' experiences.  I am moreso curious about the charities that do the 'all-inclusive' packages that include travel, transportation, etc.

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