Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cryfest cure: dip Oreos in Bailey's

What a week. Let's talk about the emotional rollercoaster of life I've experienced since last Monday.

Let's begin with the lowlights so we can appreciate the highlights:

-Adam had a terrible injection site reaction on Tuesday night.  He started to feel achy, weird, and had a crazy spell of chills in the middle of the night.  His body actually felt cool to the touch.  This has happened a few times before, but it is a shocking reminder of how unpredictable MS and its' medications can be.

-Our oldest dog Josie has had countless accidents in the house this week and I'm fairly certain she is clueless to her bowel movements.  Poor pup. Getting old sucks.

-I hung up my apron at Williams-Sonoma for the last time after 8 years.  I had no idea that quitting a job could bring me to tears.  Multiple times.  As I was leaving the store for the last time, I was so choked up that I could barely speak.  As soon as I got in my car, I started sobbing.  Who cries over voluntarily leaving a job? I blame my coworkers--many of them ridiculously kind and ferociously loyal.

Thank goodness there were more highlights than lowlights:

-28 easy breezy miles this week AND I finished August with only 5 fewer miles than marathon March. Woot!

-I finished an article series for about charity racing.  Guess who is freshly inspired to consider the idea of racing for charity??

-Dinner with good friends on Friday night and dinner with my family tonight makes me feel complete. I'm lucky to have awesome people in my life.

-After the cryfest in the parking lot last night, I drove home and began to remedy the situation.  Adam was out with friends so I crawled into the bathtub, fired up the jacuzzi jets, drank wine, and finished a fabulous book.  Later, I shamelessly ate a grilled cheese and dipped Oreos in Bailey's.  Sometimes a little gluttony soothes the pain.

-I am anticipating the good stuff of starting a new job on Tuesday: better hours, better pay, and a better commute.  Crossing my fingers that I made the right choice.

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