Monday, September 24, 2012

Circle of Life: Food and Running

I fought the urge the other day to walk into Fleet Feet and buy fancy new fall running clothes.  Once I step inside that glorious store I immediately feel the need to reward my healthy habit.  I don't really need new shoes quite yet (maybe I can squeeze another 100 miles outta my Flows?) and I don't really need any new clothes for fall.  After all, it is still inching into the 80s in the afternoon.   

But the mornings have been awesome!! Perfect running weather in my book--50's, low humidity, and lots of sunshine.  I heart fall.

Adam and I love to go to the apple farms this time of year and I am hoping to get a free weekend day so that we can go together.  Then I can make apple pie, apple butter, apple stuffing, and all sorts of other apple goodies.  Plus, there is this hole-in-the-wall BBQ place that serves amazing smoked meats near the apple farms.  MMMmmmm....  Definitely a good idea to plan for a long run in the morning to adequately enjoy the foodfest.

Of course, being a member of the 48oz club, any food fest is usually no problem for this girl.  It's okay to be jealous of my eating skills. ;-)

Food and running. Running and food. My favorite circle of life.

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