Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Tale of Two Runs

Some are deliciously fast.  Some have a lovely cadence that allows the mind to slip in and out of the present.  I was lucky to have both this week.

Tuesday night: After a drawn out day at work, I rapidly changed and stopped at the Greenway on my way home.  The days are getting shorter and my after work runs will soon be limited to the treadmill.  Tuesday was perfectly timed to the sunset.  As I ran, the temperature continued to drop and I relished in the great conditions.

I started out with a sub 8:00 mile and keep going.  Definintely another kid-on-the-playground kind of day for me.  I kept my stride short and fast and gobbled up the "I'm free!!!!!" feeling.  No nagging pains, no tiredness, just pure adrenaline.  I chased down a dude just past the 5 mile mark and stayed right behind him for about a 1/2 mile, enjoying his 7:45 pace.  However, when he stopped to walked, I had no choice but to fly past him!  Splits: 7:55, 7:41, 7:51, 7:55, 7:38, 7:44, 7:15. 

Thursday AM: Oh, I think I'll just strap on the sexy fanny pack water belt, pack a few gels, and see where the morning takes me.  I ran to the end of the Greenway and back which is 13.5 miles.  I had to get my extra .5 miles, so I looped back at the end.  Listened to some ridiculously cheesy music (hello Amy Grant!) along the way.

It was a quite lovely run.  I was going a little too fast for awhile--I tend to get excited when I feel good.  But for the most part I skipped merrily along and got lost in my thoughts.  There's a lot of happy in my life right now that I forget to be thankful for sometimes.  So when the endorphins were all flared up and the cheesy music was blasting, I had no choice but to smile to myself.  Splits: 8:13, 8:08, 8:10, 8:03, 8:15, 8:12, 8:19, 8:07, 8:14, 7:52, 8:12, 8:19, 7:56, 8:26.

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