Tuesday, May 22, 2012

At least my garden loves me....

I hadn't planned to do too much with my day, but that changed when I got another assignment for Halfmarathons.net.  It has been a few weeks since I have done any writing for the website, so I was happy to get some more work after a bit of a break.  I'll be spending the rest of the afternoon working on assignments! The nerd in me is way too excited about this.

I am so happy I decided to run today instead of yesterday.  My body was much less angry today and my mind was full of emotional fire.  All this equaled an awesome, fist-pumping, take-out-the-aggression kind of run.  I let the time melt away and concentrated on trying to sort out my thoughts.  This might make me sound crazier than I already am, but I think I was making some sort of breakthrough when I was punching the air with both fists at one point.  Good thing no one was around to view this spectacle of human oddballedness.

7.5 miles was a nice way to start out my running week.  I have been contemplating trying to nail down something more solid for the fall, but since the rest of my life is a little ambiguous at this point, I will just be maintaining mileage for awhile.  All this negativity is making my running a rollercoaster ride.  Some days it works to my advantage and I feel the need for a sweat release.  Other days, I want to just say 'F it all!!!!'  <----I realize this is not a healthy perspective and I am currently making a valiant effort to change it.

On Friday, I will find out the results of our Road Trip Challenge.  We were super late to enter and there were teams with much more professionally edited videos than ours.  BUT, I will never say never and regardless of the outcome, I had a blast dreaming. 

And finally, I may not be feeling the love everywhere I go, but at least my garden loves me. 

Today's haul:

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