Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Ultimate Mother's Day Menu

I'm taking a short break in my meal preparations for Mother's Day.  Mom & her boyfriend, my sister & her boyfriend, and my brother are all coming over for dinner in less than an hour. 

Tonight's Menu:
Baby back ribs (dry rubbed for 1.5 days and slow cooked, then grilled)
Grilled white corn
Purple potato salad with bacon and hard-cooked eggs
Watergate Salad (we love our Jell-o salads!!)
Sundae bar with homemade chocolate and vanilla ice cream
Sweet traditional tea
Unsweetened jasmine papaya white tea
Copious amounts of wine

Did your invitation get lost in the mail?

I ran yesterday morning while it rained off and outside.  I am really getting into Downton Abbey so I was kind of okay to be on the dreadmill.  I was trying to get some stuff done early for today so I almost didn't do my 7 miler.  But I was glad I ran for nearly an hour as it took off some of the edge before I got to work.

We were pretty busy with last minute Mother's Day shoppers.  I was glad that the time went by quickly 'cause I was ready to have a day off!! I have to be at work tomorrow at 5am which means I have to wake up at 3:30am.  Uggggggggggggh!! Gross!!  Another reason to be on the search for my dream job.  I'm over the terrible hours....  You fancy people with your M-F, 9-5--I am super jealous!

With such an early wake-up call, I have pretty low hopes of running tomorrow.  I am off on Tuesday so it probably would be better to just wait until I am better rested.  And hopefully if I get out early enough I can go for a longer run.  We'll see.  The good part about not training for anything is that I can just run whatever kind of run whenever I want.  Yay!

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