Monday, May 21, 2012

I pretend to not like House, but I'm nostalgic already

One for for tomorrow (95% chance).

Today is about the 11-hours-at-work, no run, I am just going to drink wine on the sofa and watch the final episode of House kind of evening.  I was never a super avid viewer, but I live with a TV addict.  So I have seen a lot of episodes.  And even though TV rots your mind, it's a good show.  I am going to cry.  It's guaranteed as all final episodes make me cry.

BUT, small victories...I did manage to run 8 miles on Saturday and it didn't suck.  I've had too many bad runs lately.  I channeled all that bad energy and kicked it into high gear after I worked on Saturday. 

Temps were lovely, I was feeling angry, and I was rocking some 8 minute miles.  But then my Garmin died about mile 5 and so I have no idea how I finished. 

Had it been in the morning, I am fairly certain I would have been about 10-15 seconds faster.  I just could sleep on Friday night and so I decided to run after work since I got about 4 hours of sleep.  Yuck.
I plan to get my run in at a decent hour tomorrow.  After I do some serious sleeping.  There isn't too much on my 'to do' list at home so I can't procrastinate too long.

More updates tomorrow when my mind and body are fresh.

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