Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Whining Sessions Continue

Monday was indeed the icing on the cake for me.  Let's just say that professionally, I have never felt so disrespected.  It made me feel that all my loyalty and devotion is/was for nothing.  And that's a stinky way to feel.  But, chin up, I am plodding through it all.  Hopefully, I will turn something fantastic up.  I'm so over my sad-face blogs!! Boo.

At least I have running.  It's funny to me that some weeks when I am so focused on other things that I just keep going through the motions with running.  Like brushing my teeth or taking a shower, I keep lacing up my shoes.

I fought tooth and nail not to go out Monday evening--I was so angry that I probably would have laid down some serious speedwork.  But I knew it would do me no good to run tired and angry.

Free Thursday mornings have meant running with Flying Tomato, but I felt so overwhelmed by the time I got home from work last night, I just needed a run to get lost in my own thoughts.  And thankfully it has taken some of the edge off--I'm feeling much more optimistic than I did even 24 hours ago.

I settled into my 7 miler and just let my feet carry me.  I honestly don't even remember too much about either the run or what was going through my mind.  And that's probably a good thing on both accounts.  I work all weekend so I am going to have to get creative in how I squeeze my running in over the next few days.

Back to searching fruitlessly.

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