Friday, August 17, 2012

Dude, whatever gets you through the long runs

I have been a terrible blogger.  And a terrible blog reader.  I haven't had a day off since last Saturday and I've been filling the time doing everything away from the laptop.  In fact, I just realized tonight that it probably has been almost a week since I have looked at the interwebs from an actual computer and not just my phone.  Doh!

But the good news is that I have been running. And making some major life decisions.  The life decisions will be for another post, but soon, I promise! As for the running, I definitely feel great after today's random 13.5 miler.

I actually took advantage of the cooler (re: low 80's) temperatures and headed outside to the Greenway this morning.  I contemplated going the first time I woke up at 6am, but decided to sleep another couple hours and go when it was light out.  Yes, I am one of those annoying people that can pretty much fall asleep anytime, anywhere.

I wore my sexy fanny pack/water bottle holster and that was a smart decision.  After each gulp throughout my run, I actually managed to feel the residual effects for at least a few tenths of a mile.  Cool. 

The last 3 miles were kind of iffy.  My feet were sore, I was hot, and I felt like I was done sorting out my thoughts.  But I dug deep and managed to power through those final miles.  Plus, I did this cheesy thing where I was imagining various Loopsters waiting for me to high five them as I ran by.  It gave me some sort of accountability knowing that someone was waiting for me to pass them by.  Probably sounds a slightly bananas, but you know, whatever gets you through the long run...

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