Friday, August 24, 2012

Two reasons to break out the champagne

Adam and I are generally lucky people.  I definitely do my fair share of whining, but in reality, we have it pretty good.  We have supportive family & friends, yummy food on the table, a pretty nice roof over our heads, and aside from Adam's MS, we have no major daily health issues.  So I am pretty pleased that we are able to celebrate twice this month!

1. Adam passed his state licensed optician exam!

2. I am starting a new job with better pay, better hours, and better commute in just over a week!

My running has been pretty great this past week and I am hoping that my mileage for the month is only second to March--when I raced my last marathon.  I have been better about listening to my body lately and pushing hard when I feel great and going slower when I am achy and tired.  It's a novel concept, I know.

That glorious fall running is just around the corner.  There is always a short period of time that I can squeeze in an after work run before the darkness thing becomes an issue.  But I really cannot complain, because winter running actually is really quite awesome in Atlanta.  I think I might have put on full pants (instead of capris) once last year.  I'd gladly trade my hydration pack for a long sleeved shirt!

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