Sunday, August 26, 2012

Run like you escaped from the loony bin

Friday, 9:30pm, J. Alexander's: Eating slices of filet mignon dipped in bernaise sauce.  Sipping an Oregon pinot. 

Friday, 10:00pm, J. Alexander's: Eating a ridiculous dessert called 'Powerful Stuff' (ice cream, Oreos, Snickers, caramel, assorted calories). Sipping a glass of Bailey's.

Friday, 11:45pm, home: Fall asleep full and tired.


Saturday, 9:15am, home: Wake up.  Contemplate running.

Saturday, 9:17am, home: Decide running=good.  Text Jeff to meet me at the Greenway at 10:15.

Saturday, 10:20am, Greenway: Begin a 10 mile run with Jeff.

Jeff is not a regular runner.  But he managed to run/walk 10 miles in a pretty decent time.  And honestly, had it been cooler, he probably would have not had much issue.  But it was pretty warm and I was glad to be rockin' the fanny pack of water.  It came in quite handy.

I ran over 11 miles.  I was circling back and forth when he was taking walk breaks.  My Garmin map probably looks a little bananas.  So I will post his map instead.

We took a little side detour just before the 7 mile mark to get water at the park.  My body was kind of confused that we were doing all this resting.  Once we got to the final mile on the Greenway, I busted out a sub 8 mile like a gleeful kid at the playground.  I am pretty sure that anyone passing me by thought I was escaping the loony bin because I was soaked in sweat and smiling ear to ear.

I am thinking that all these hot, wine-dehydrated, stressed-out summer runs will equate into a pretty killer fall.  I'm excited about running *fast*.  This *fast* thing is relative person to person, but I'd be happy if I could be faster than last fall.  Might have to cool it on the Bearnaise sauce and Captain Crunch........ugh, whatever....

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