Sunday, August 19, 2012

My fuzzy running buddy (pic)

Since our youngest dog, Torrance, has shown her impressive running skills while escaping from the yard, I thought I'd try her again on another run this morning.

Here's the latest damage after capturing her last week:

I've determined through trial and error that my normal 7 mile run is a bit too long for her.  So when I was thinking about just doing 4 this morning after my 13.5 on Friday, I figured it wouldn't be too much.


She was great the first mile, pulling on the leash and gleefully running ahead of me while we clocked an 8:00 minute mile.  The second mile was pretty decent and the leash began to slack.  By the middle of the third mile, she began to lose steam.  She started to run behind me and our pace definitely slowed. 

By the last mile, she was pretty much being pulled.  We stopped and started. And stopped and started.  It was pretty humid out this morning and my Garmin was having issues because my arm was so sweaty.  I have no idea what our final mile split was because of the technical difficulties.  All I know is that it was no where near as fast as our first 2.

We'll try again when the weather gets cooler.  It felt nicer this morning, but I think she'll do better in October when I might contemplate wearing capris instead of shorts. 

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