Sunday, June 10, 2012

A 10K with one of my zoo

I went on my first official run with a dog today.  I've walked them a zillion times and broke out into a short stint of running.  However, this was the first time I've donned running apparel and had the intention of running an 'official' run with a dog. 

Which is kind of crazy since we are a pet household.  But there are some limits to what the 'kids' are capable of.

Subject #1: Duncan, grey tabby. He's a pretty fat cat.  And 16 years old.  I'm not sure this needs further explaination.

Subject #2: Josie, lab mix.  Poor Josie is past her running days--at 15 years old, we are just happy she can make it up and down the stairs most days.  At her prime, she would have made a great running partner. 

Subject #3: Luxy, Boston Terrier.  She was a spitfire puppy and still has bouts of being sprightly at age 10.  She might be good for a mile run, but her endurance is terrible.  She'd rather be under the covers somewhere.

Subject #4: Torrance, Boston Terrier.  Approximately 4 years old.  Has more energy than a Red Bull drinking toddler.  Rarely stops moving.  Her running skills have been proven on 2 separate escapes into the woods.

Torrance and I waited for the rain to clear a bit this morning.  I drove us to the high school parking lot about 1.5 miles away so we could safely run on the sidewalk.  I looped the leash around my arm and off we went.  It took about a mile before both of us settled into the run.

She bolted on the downhills and ran steady on the uphills.  Apparently my pace was perfectly comfortable for her because she trotted in front of me for nearly 5 miles.  After that, it started raining pretty hard.  We were headed back to the car and getting soaked.  I coudn't tell if she was tired or just didn't want to be in the rain.  Regardless, for the final mile, I drug my poor, wet dog through the rain behind me.  I'm pretty sure she wasn't all that tired though.  She immediately starting playing with Luxy as soon as we got home.

We ran a total of 6.10 miles together--a nice little 10K for her.  I ran another mile on the treadmill when I got home to finish up with 27 miles this week.

I am not sure if I will have her run with me on a regular basis--at least during the summer months.  The rain made it tolerable, but I'd worry if it was too hot.  Perhaps in the fall we can try to go out more often--she's napping pretty hard right!!!

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