Saturday, June 9, 2012

Southern nights exhibit B: Doin' the chop

What am I doing with the rare weekend off? Well, besides finally getting a chance to bloop, I am headed to a Braves game this afternoon with Adam, my sister, & her boyfriend!!  It's Sid Bream bobblehead night--Adam is going to be doing the only running he ever does once we get to the parking lot to ensure he is one of the 20,000 fans that will receive a bobblehead. 

I ran last night after work.  7 miles of blah.  I kept hoping that I would feel better at some point during the run.  It never happened.  Short of moving to Barrow, Alaska for the summer, I am just going to have to suck up the fact that yet again, the only good runs I am expected to have this time of year occur in the A.M.  And morning runs will only occur if I get my unmotivated butt out of bed early enough to cash in on the 'cool' hours.

So unmotivated.

The bright side about being a runner all these years (aside from offsetting the countless caloric intake of beer & cheeseburgers) is that I just do it anyway.  Some days I might sit around for awhile putting a run off, but eventually, I lace up the shoes, sigh heavily, and as Nike says, just do it.  It's kind of neat. 

I am putting this past week behind me--it was tough emotionally and yet there is no one specific event to blame.  I'm just ready to focus on what I can do to impact the future.  A lot of people have been really supportive of me and I feel like I'm a little rain cloud of gloom & doom.  So this week I am promising myself not to sweat the small stuff and to keep dreaming big. 

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