Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Suggestions for a rare weekend off?

I recovered from my 14.3 miles on Saturday easily--no lingering tightness or muscle soreness.  Pretty surprising considering I had no plans to run long until I got up that morning. 

Yesterday, I decided to take it easy and do a 5 miler.  I slowed my pace and just relaxed.  I was expecting a phone call all morning and wanted to be available so I finished my run relatively early.  All sorts of strange things happened with my work life yesterday and hopefully I will be able to discuss in detail at a later time. 

Tonight is the last of 3 nights in a row closing the store.  Adam and I have barely been able to see each other for the past few days.  I woke up for about 15 minutes today while he was getting ready for work so we could just say 'hi'.

We have a Jeopardy page-a-day calendar that we 'compete' against each other with every day.  He usually reads the questions to me and so we had to catch up on our game this morning.  We tally the dollars throughout the month to determine a 'winner'.  So far, the only prize we've come up with is a chance to say 'nah nah nah' to the other person. 

I'm actually off this weekend, but found out so late that I don't have anything planned.  I guess it all depends on how the rest of the week goes whether I will be up for shenanigans or want to just relax.  Since I rarely have a Sunday off (which is Adam's day off), I hope we can at least do something that is out of the norm.  Any suggestions? (duh, I'm going to run!!)

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